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Shashank Shivananda, MS MIS '24
Shashank Shivananda, MS in MIS ’24

Shashank is originally from Bengaluru, India. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering and a master’s degree in Information Technology. His professional journey includes working as a developer at Philips R&D. In his early years, he actively volunteered as a Student Placement Coordinator, collaborating closely with hiring HR professionals and the CRC department. He also took on the role of an event coordinator, organizing efforts to provide mid-day meals for school children. Shashank’s passion lies in technology, and he is committed to continuous learning, engaging in new knowledge daily. His decision to pursue the MIS program at UB is fueled by his desire to transition from a technical role to a managerial one. The program’s unique blend of management and technology aligns perfectly with his goals.

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Alisa Franasiak, BS/MBA '24
Alisa Franasiak, BS/MBA ’24

Alisa Franasiak is a current MBA student at the University at Buffalo School of Management. She works as an intern at the UB Center for Advanced Technology in Big Data and Health Sciences. She also is the Founder of VentureGigs, a freelance and gig economy platform that connects college students with startups.

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Fahmida Fija, MBA '25
Fahmida Fija, MBA ’25

Fahmida was born and raised in Bangladesh. She completed her bachelor’s degree in business administration with concentrations in Accounting and Finance and Marketing. Since her undergraduate years, she has been determined to pursue a career in marketing. After completing her degree, Fahmida started her career in the marketing department of a consulting firm in Bangladesh. She worked in the field for six years, during which she had led the overall marketing operations and marketing team for the company. She joined UB for an MBA to propel herself to the next level, professionally and personally.

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Kalvin Yeung, MBA '24
Kalvin Yeung, MBA ’24

Kalvin is a Buffalo native and earned his Bachelor’s degree from University at Buffalo concentrating in marketing and international business. He decided to pursue his MBA degree to focus on the analytical side of marketing to further prepare himself for a full-time position. During his undergrad, Kalvin worked as a part-time server, which led to his passion for creating memorable experiences with food. This passion led to an internship with Rich Products.

In his free time, Kalvin spends a lot of time at the gym. He believes that physical health is essential to one’s success, not just professionally but personally as well. He also enjoys spending time with his friends and family, trying out new places to eat, and traveling.

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Nirali Shah, DDS, MBA '25
Nirali Shah, MBA ’25

Nirali Shah joined a senior dentist’s clinic and learned a lot about the hard and soft skills required in dentistry after graduating from Dental School. At the young age of 25, she opened her own dental practice. She took a loan, as the dental armamentarium is very expensive, and went through various ups and downs. She learned many things from her entrepreneurial journey, repaid her loan and became the first-generation dentist and entrepreneur in her family to be able to run it successfully for more than 4 years.

While running her dental practice, after facing various business challenges, she developed a solution-oriented mindset. She realized that she didn’t want to be constricted to operating a single dental practice, she would rather find solutions to problems and create impact at a macro level in the healthcare industry, and that is why she decided to pursue an MBA.

When she is not doing dentistry, she can be found traveling, especially trekking the mountain ranges. She has trekked the Himalayas and has lived in subzero temperatures. Apart from this, she is an empathetic person and have done various volunteer activities, like mentoring underprivileged children and educating their mothers on the importance of financial independence.

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Henry Okaro, MS in Finance '24
Henry Okaro, MS in Finance ’24

Henry was born and raised in Nigeria. He was a science major and earned an undergraduate degree in Geological Sciences at Nnamdi Azikiwe University. He worked in a tech consulting firm, Dragnet Solutions Limited, for 10+ years where he managed solutions geared towards screening and selection of candidates for different educational and corporate services. He became more interested in business development and entrepreneurship, and this inspired him to get an MBA degree at the University of Lagos where he majored in Marketing. He co-founded and worked on few startups that bordered around business advisory, talent sourcing, tech-based solutions, travels and tours, social event management, games creation, and logistics. With a deeper understanding of the limitations of some of the ventures he worked with in the past, he was motivated to seek out the Master’s in Finance at UB. He intend to major in Financial Risk Management & Fintech Track. Henry loves to socialize, go on trips, meet new people and learn about different backgrounds. It helps him to focus and channel his energy properly into his career and academic pursuit.

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Sarah Jiva, JD/MBA '26
Sarah Jiva, JD/MBA ’26

Sarah Jiva is a current JD/MBA student at the University at Buffalo School of Management. She works as an intern at Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit organization, and the U.S. Small Business Administration. She also is a teaching assistant for Introduction to Management Information Systems (MGS351).

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Robert Beach, MBA '24
Robert Beach, MBA ’24

Bob Beach was born in Bronx, New York, son of NYC civil servants.  

His early interest in the field of psychology led him to pursue the major at SUNY Albany where he gained research experience in clinical eating disorders and semantic word priming. He used his last year to intern full time at the New York State Assembly and obtain minors in Political Science and Education. 

His interest in humanities led him to pursue a Master’s degree in Social Work at Columbia University. After completing coursework in administration through field work internships at a NYC Public School in Chinatown and Columbia University Medical Center in Washington Heights, he knew that he wanted to impact change efforts within business.  

Since his graduation in 2015, he has served as a director on a non-profit organization and worked at a start-up farm facilitating wholesale flower sales. For his professional career, he got started with in Stamford, Connecticut, then with two start-ups in Manhattan. With nearly a decade in client-facing roles, he decided to leave his business development job in software to pursue an MBA.

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Eden Fekadu, MS in Finance '24
Eden Fekadu, MS in Finance ’24

Eden was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Her outstanding performance in high school opened the doors to a remarkable opportunity—a merit-based scholarship granted by the Indian government to pursue a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering. During her undergraduate years, Eden’s academic journey took an unexpected yet enriching turn. While studying aeronautical engineering, she found herself drawn to the financial markets, particularly the dynamic and ever-evolving forex market. Her curiosity was piqued by the statistical and mathematical techniques that underpinned this industry. Her interest grew rapidly, and she found herself spending over 10 hours a day exploring this newfound passion on her computer. Her intense fascination convinced her to pursue it both academically and professionally. Thus, Eden decided to pursue a master’s degree in finance at UB to strengthen her skills and expand her professional network in the finance industry.  

Beyond her academic commitments, Eden finds immense joy in sports, particularly football, basketball, and ground tennis. Soccer, in particular, played a pivotal role in shaping her identity during high school. It not only made her more social and cooperative but also instilled a strong work ethic. It also served as a valuable stress-relief mechanism and significantly enhanced her ability to concentrate. Throughout her undergraduate journey, Eden embraced her love for sports by actively participating as a midfielder on her university’s football team. Despite language barriers, sports became a universal language, enabling her to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. This experience not only led to the formation of enduring friendships but also provided her with invaluable insights into different cultures. Undoubtedly, her involvement in sports ranks among the most cherished and memorable experiences in her life.

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Tanushree Agarwal, MS in Business Analytics '24
Tanushree Agarwal, MS in Business Analytics ’24

Tanushree, born and raised in India, has had her family as her steadfast support throughout her personal and professional journey.

Graduating from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Tanushree’s passion for fashion took root. Turning her passion into a profession, she worked as a merchandiser in apparel manufacturing and later managed inventory at Myntra, a major fashion e-commerce platform in India. Her experience piqued her interest in the world of analytics, leading her to pursue a Master’s of Science in Business Analytics at UB, where she aims to blend her business acumen with technical skills.

Beyond academics, Tanushree is a cat lover and finds delight in the presence of cats. Interestingly, she even had a pet white mouse once. She is all about art and analytics and finds joy in sketching and painting in her free time.

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Matthew Cohen, MS in Business Analytics '24
Matthew Cohen, MS in Business Analytics ’24

Matt was born and raised here in Buffalo, NY. He graduated with his associate’s degree from SUNY Erie in 2020 with a concentration in General Studies. In 2023, he graduated magna cum laude with his bachelor’s degree from the University at Buffalo with a major in Communications. In his free time, Matt enjoys filling up his days and keeping busy. He loves to play hockey, ice and inline, and often can be found taking his 2 Cavapoos, Nash and Harper, to the dog park. When not doing these two activities, he is probably either at work or at home building a LEGO masterpiece.

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Rupsha Roy Choudhury, MBA '25
Rupsha Roy Choudhury, MBA ’25

Rupsha completed an undergraduate degree in Accounting and a Masters of Commerce in Finance. She was working at Fidelity for 6 years prior to joining UB as a full-time STEM MBA with Finance and Management Consulting as concentrations to enhance her leadership skills and expand her horizon. She works as student assistant in the Graduate Management Office in the UB School of Management.  

Rupsha was born in the City of Joy, Kolkata, India and was raised by beautiful parents, her father being a famous doctor in the city and mother is an amazing homemaker. Her joint family in India and has 30 members who stay together in her house back in her native city. Her father always supported her in every step of the way. Unfortunately, he passed away on her birthday 6 years ago. Rupsha is a bibliophile and is fascinated by the smell of new and old books. She is a national-level cricket player. Rupsha loves to drive and spend time with babies, as she finds being with them the best way to relax. Creating a balance between work life and personal life is what she believes in and wants to make sure that her work leaves impact in the values of the organization.

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Abinash Jena, MS MIS '24
Abinash Jena, MS in MIS ’24

Abinash Jena was born in Bhubaneswar, a town 50 km from the Bay of Bengal, the east coast of India. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and joined Infosys as a Cyber Security consultant. Cyber had always been his area of interest. He worked with companies like TransUnion and KPMG, dealing with clients like Amex and T-Mobile. He has spent a good amount of time in different cities of India such Mysore, Pune and Bangalore due to his work commitments, which has helped him to experience the diverse culture and varied outlooks on life. Abinash chose UB after doing his fair share of research. He believes UB has one of the best MIS programs, which provides a perfect amalgamation of subjects in cyber security and management. This will help him gain the necessary cyber skills from a business point of view and help him grow in his career. He loves playing cricket and football. He watches a lot of sports like tennis, football, cricket, Formula1, etc., and has always loved cooking and trying different cuisine.

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Tori Schlosser, MBA '24
Tori Schlosser, MBA ’24

Tori was born and raised in Buffalo, New York with her three younger siblings. She is the first in her family to earn a bachelor’s degree and pursue a master’s degree. Her bachelor’s degree is from the University at Buffalo majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing. Her undergraduate experience convinced her to continue her professional development and pursue her MBA at UB.  

In her free time, Tori loves to read, do arts and crafts, and traveling. Tori loves spending time with her friends outside the classroom to keep a work-life balance. Finding time to relax and enjoy quality time with friends has been immensely beneficial to her success in the MBA program.

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Prateek Sharma, MS in Business Analytics '24
Prateek Sharma, MS in Business Analytics ’24

Prateek, originally hailing from Kurukshetra, a city near New Delhi, India, is a versatile individual with a unique blend of experiences and skills. With a background in Information Technology and eight years of expertise in the field of digital marketing, his last professional role was as a Digital Marketing Manager for a software company based in India. In this role, he successfully crafted online strategies, optimized user experiences, and drove growth through digital platforms.  

Currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Analytics at UB, Prateek is an enthusiastic explorer, constantly seeking new adventures and embracing challenges. Beyond his professional journey, Prateek is a true lover of books, art, and meaningful conversations. He strongly believes in the power of kindness and the magic of a smile to bridge cultural gaps. As an international student himself, he understands the excitement and challenges that newcomers may face and is dedicated to assisting prospective students in navigating their academic and campus life choices at UB.

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Sarah Sauer, MBA '25
Sarah Sauer, MBA ’25

Sarah is a Buffalo native who graduated from UB with a BS in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and International Business. During her undergraduate program, Sarah worked with UB’s Blackstone LaunchPad and had the opportunity to design and lead a student elevator pitch competition that promoted female entrepreneurs on campus. This internship fueled a passion for involvement with Buffalo’s startup community which led Sarah to intern with 43 North, a startup accelerator. Sarah also worked as New Era Cap’s Treasury Intern where she created and implemented a global cash forecasting mechanism using Tableau. Sarah is a TA for Corporation Finance and Fundamentals of Strategic Management for undergraduate students. She hopes to build her leadership skills and continue to gain the expertise related to a successful career in business while pursuing her MBA.  

Sarah loves traveling and is passionate about integrating travel with meaningful learning. She sailed on Semester at Sea’s Spring 2022 Voyage where she lived on a cruise ship for four months with 400 college students from around the world and traveled to 12 countries over the course of a semester. She also participated in UB’s International Business in Singapore program, which involved collaboration with students at the Singapore Institute of Management on various consulting projects for both US-based and Singapore-based companies founded by UB alumni. In her free time, Sarah loves to spin at Revolution Buffalo.

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Graciana Truesdale, MS in Accounting '24
Graciana Truesdale, MS in Accounting ’24

Grace was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. She grew up as the youngest of five siblings with an older brother and triplet sisters all over a decade older than her. As she grew up, she was surrounded by animals ranging from dogs and snakes to birds and fish. She was also surrounded by art and creative influences. With this upbringing, it was expected that she earned a bachelor’s degree in studio art from the University at Buffalo. What was unexpected was that she also earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting. During her undergraduate program, Grace also worked part-time at Wegmans Food Markets. Not only did she get to improve her customer service skills, but she also had the opportunity to try working in different departments. These opportunities led to her developing a love for accounting. Immediately after this discovery, Grace decided to take on a bachelor’s degree in accounting and has plans to work in the accounting field for the foreseeable future. When she intends to relax, Grace can often be found reading. If she’s not reading, then she’s playing with her dog, Shadow. These activities alongside photography and spending time with her friends allow her to put in her best efforts in her work and academic endeavors.

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Joseph Doona, BS/MBA '25
Joseph Doona, BS/MBA ’25

Joseph was born in Franklin Square, New York. He grew up with seven brothers and his parents. He is a 3/2 MBA at the University at Buffalo. During this time, he concentrated in Finance and International Business. During his undergrad, Joseph worked as an accounting and data analytics peer tutor at the Learning, Leadership, and Community Center. This time as a peer tutor inspired him to want to help and mentor younger students at UB. He is now a Teaching Assistant for the undergraduate course, MGS 351. During the summers in Long Island, Joseph worked as a Corporate Finance and Financial Reporting Intern at Omnicom Group. He is now pursing an MBA at UB because he wants to grow his network and build upon his skills in business.

In his free time, Joseph loves to be outdoors. Some of his favorite outdoor activities are hiking, kayaking, going to the beach, and playing sports with friends. He loves to travel and eat food from different countries around the world. Another one of his hobbies is to meet new people. He loves to learn about different people, cultures and backgrounds. Joseph’s goal is to be a strong asset to the UB School of Management and Buffalo as a whole. Feel free to reach out for any advice!

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Neetu Sharma, MBA '24
Neetu Sharma, MBA ’24

Neetu is from Bhopal, India. Her city offers beautiful landscape surrounded by the lakes and excellent flora and fauna that makes her city an ideal place to dwell with fresh air. Having travelled over the world, Neetu still feels connected with her home & often feels nostalgic!

She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from her hometown and moved out to pursue her first master’s degree in advertising and Public Relations Management. After her first graduate degree, she realized how fast the world is moving and how she needs to plan out her career and personal life in tandem with the changing times. After successfully working in the Advertising & Media domain, she decided for a master’s degree in information technology since IT was changing everything from the mundane life to the corporate affairs! This phenomenal change in the global level motivated her to study Information Technology from Valparaiso University, Indiana, USA.

While she was pursuing her masters in IT – she decided for an MBA but the COVID pandemic shook her plans. Her firm dedication and constant efforts were finally heard, and she got her MBA admission to the University at Buffalo with a Connection 2 Excellence scholarship.

In her free time she loves to research about Indian economic and political scenario, about the great Indian leaders who worked hard in building India – which is known for not just its culture but also its diversity and unity! Neetu simply loves travelling either solo or with her husband, enjoys cooking, arts, and is a fitness freak who hardly got any time during the MBA program to work on her fitness!

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Alexia Hecico, MS in Business Analytics '24, posing and smiling
Alexia Hecico, MS in Business Analytics ’24

Alexia was born and raised in Romania, where she spent her early childhood in Bucharest and later moving to Baia Mare. She grew up practicing different sports with the most impactful ones being swimming and running. Under her parents’ coaching, running became her specialty during high school. Alexia represented the Romanian Mountain Running National Team at various international competitions including the European and World Championships where she placed in the top 6 individually and medaled with the National Team.

During her undergraduate program, Alexia was a member of the track and field and cross-country teams while pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. She also worked as a Teaching Assistant during her junior and senior years. She is now pursuing a MSBA while working as a marketing intern for UB Athletics and being an academic performance specialist within the Athletics Department.  

In her free time, Alexia enjoys traveling and watching sports—her favorites are tennis, basketball, Formula 1, track, swimming, and almost all winter sports. She also enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with family and friends.

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Yashwanth Raj Penugonda, MS in MIS '24
Yashwanth Raj Penugonda, MS in MIS ’24

Yashwanth was born in the southern region of India, where he spent his early years immersed in the rich cultural traditions of his community. He later moved to the technology hub of Hyderabad, where he completed his schooling and cultivated his interest in engineering. Driven by a lifelong passion for technology, he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. This built a strong foundation for his future career ambitions. After graduating, Yashwanth gained valuable experience at leading technology companies such as Tech Mahindra, HCL, and Robert Bosch. Working on critical projects helped him understand the nuances of delivering robust enterprise solutions. However, he soon realized his true calling was in solving ambiguous problems and shaping early-stage products. He pivoted into Product Management, joining an early-stage startup.  

At the startup, Yashwanth played a pivotal role in building both the product and the company from the ground up. He relished the thrill of launching innovative solutions and testing creative ideas. The scrappy environment unleashed his entrepreneurial spirit. He is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Management Information Systems at the University at Buffalo. This advanced education is helping him gain valuable skills in data analytics, information systems, and business strategy. Upon graduation, Yashwanth aims to leverage his multifaceted experience and education to continue driving innovation at technology companies. Outside of his academic and professional pursuits, Yashwanth enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and playing table tennis. These hobbies provide a physical and mental balance to his demanding work. The competitive spirit and camaraderie keep him engaged and energized.

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Kaitlyn He, MBA '24
Kaitlyn He, MBA ’24

Kaitlyn was born in New York City and grew up in Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, and New York. She is the oldest in her family. In 2022, she graduated from the University at Buffalo School of Management with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, making her a first-generation college graduate. She joined the School of Management MBA program shortly afterward to develop her leadership skills. Currently, Kaitlyn is a second-year MBA student, on track to graduate in the Spring of 2024. In her free time, Kaitlyn loves to travel, cook, and exercise. Doing the things that she loves allows her to decompress from school and work.

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Peter Bouris, MBA '24
Peter Bouris, MBA ’24

Peter was born to Greek immigrants in Buffalo and grew up with his parents and much of his extended family. Peter earned his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations. Having ten years’ experience in the workforce, Peter returned for his MBA to improve his skills. He decided to attend UB’ to build his leadership skills and technical abilities. He is also an avid ice hockey fan and former player. He enjoys writing as well as cooking, consistently working to outperform his mother’s culinary feats.

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Ajaylah Humphrey, MSW/MBA '24
Ajaylah Humphrey, MSW/MBA ’24

Ajaylah grew up in Buffalo with her siblings, mother, cousins, and grandparents. She is very family-oriented, which includes many of her friends, and her 5-year-old pitbull-mastiff pup, Paxton. 

Earning her undergraduate degree, a BA in Psychology, from UB in 2018, she went to work in the human services field servicing youth in local foster care agencies in the Buffalo area. Ajaylah returned to UB in 2021 to begin her MSW program where she found herself further intrigued and inspired. From there she became a dual degree MSW/MBA student learning what it takes to be a leader in any field she enters. 

Balancing and maintaining a successful school-to-work-to-social life is very important to Ajaylah so this requires taking time for self-care. Ajaylah de-stresses by going to the gym and also playing for a local women’s rugby team. Always on the go, any chance she can get to travel she will, covering over 15 countries thus far. Her carry-on always has headphones, a good coloring or sketchbook, playing cards, and a pack of gum.

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Matthew Mullens, MBA '25
Matthew Mullens, MBA ’25

Matthew was born in Pontiac, Michigan, and moved around a bit while growing up, having lived in four different states before graduating high school in Charlotte, North Carolina. Matthew earned his bachelor’s degree from North Carolina A&T in Greensboro, North Carolina, with a major in Industrial Systems Engineering. During his undergraduate program, Matt worked part-time with the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce in the start-up incubator program and developed his first business, Empasta. He is an intellectually curious professional with a passion for sustainability in business practices, supported by hands-on experience across a variety of roles.

In his free time, Matt loves to explore the outdoors, whether it’s kayaking, hiking or exploring new cities. He also enjoys anime, traveling, chess, reading and spending time with family and friends. Taking time to engage in these activities has been most beneficial in helping him succeed in his work and academic life.

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Shruti Gupta, MS MIS '24
Shruti Gupta, MS in MIS ’24

Shruti was born into a middle-class family in the Indian copper mining town of Khetri, Rajasthan. Her mother worked as a teacher in a public school, and father worked for the central government and served in KV. Shruti majored in Information Technology while obtaining her bachelor’s degree from Rajasthan Technical University in Kota. She has 7.5 years of extensive IT expertise working for a number of businesses like HP, Wipro, NIIT, Accenture, Giesecke And Devrient, and Fujitsu in a variety of tech stacks. This experience motivated her to pursue a career in a more technical and managerial area, which ultimately persuaded her to enroll in UB’s MS in MIS program in order to further her talents and secure a Product Management position in the United States. Shruti enjoys working out in her spare time. Whether it be through painting, travel, Netflix, etc., her ability to succeed in her work and academic life has greatly benefited from taking the time to do these things.

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Imran Nafis Rashid, MS in Business Analytics '24
Imran Nafis Rashid, MS in Business Analytics ’24

Born in Bangladesh, Imran is an avid sports enthusiast and ardent reader with a deep passion for fantasy fiction. He spends his days engaged in various sports, both as a spectator and an analytical thinker. When he’s not immersed in the world of sports, he’s captivated by fantasy TV shows and fictional books that transport him to other realms.

Imran holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, majoring in marketing and finance, which has equipped him with a solid base. During his undergraduate years, he also served as an undergraduate teaching assistant, nurturing his passion for learning and attaining knowledge. With over eight years of experience in sales and marketing across industries like logistics, consumer packaged goods, and printing, he’s thrived in globally renowned multinational companies such as British American Tobacco and Canon Canada Inc. Apart from his professional pursuits, Imran holds a special fondness for cats, due to their enigmatic nature.

He is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Business Analytics at UB with the ultimate goal of acquiring the necessary skills to work within the realm of sports, specifically in soccer or with a Formula 1 racing team. His dream is to seamlessly merge his analytical expertise with his passion for sports, creating a fulfilling career in a dynamic and exciting industry.

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Grace Conrad, JD/MBA '27
Grace Conrad, JD/MBA ’27

Grace Conrad is from a small town called Wayland, NY, and she found a love for Buffalo when she and her siblings moved for college. Her passion for Buffalo continued throughout her undergraduate career, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with degrees in Law and Business Administration. In addition, she was able to participate in the Honors College, as well as the School of Management Honors Program.

Outside of school, Grace has been able to gain professional experience, from interning at a law office, assisting operations at a financial advising partnership, and sitting on a board of a non-profit. During her free time Grace loves cooking or eating. She loves trying new recipes and making dinner after a stressful school day. Grace also loves to travel—close to home or across the world, she loves to see the world, meet new people and gain their perspectives.

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