Transitioning to Finance: Top 3 Bridge-Building Resources


Bar chart

Written by: Eden Fekadu, MS in Finance ’24 Are you considering the shift from a non-finance background into the dynamic world of finance? The prospect of this transition may appear daunting but, rest assured, it’s a journey many have successfully undertaken. Whether Continue reading Transitioning to Finance: Top 3 Bridge-Building Resources

The Manage-A-Bull MBA Podcast #8

Tucker Sheely

In this podcast, we chat with Tucker Sheely about the 3/2 Engineering/MBA program. The application process, his experience, how the program works and how it has prepared him for success and given him a different perspective beyond the typical engineering Continue reading The Manage-A-Bull MBA Podcast #8

From Engineering to MBA

A conversation with Patrick Biver, UB BS Engineering/MBA ’19   Why did you choose UB?  When I was in high school, I was weighing the costs of a college degree, considering the benefits of staying in-state. UB was an obvious choice because of the Continue reading From Engineering to MBA