Working hard in the lab

Li on microtome with UB Bulls tooque
Quinn in a behavior testing box

James scoring behavior
From left: Kelcie, Lauren, Rob, Li, and Abby



 Lab Halloween 2018!

Back: Jill the Witch, Matt the Syrian hamster, Rob the something, Kelcie with official Halloween T, Treefa, Megan, Akua, Brianna. Front: Abby with official Halloween T, Lauren the something


Buffalo SfN Neuroscience Research Day 2018

Quinn returns to the lab to present her awesome results!
Abby’s first poster presentation!
Lauren, an old pro at presenting now


Lab Halloween 2017!

Creepy Rob, the marionette
Zombie Lauren (actually Kaneki minus the mask)










From left: Rob, Quinn, Lauren, Sonic, Andrea, and Kelcie
Strawberry Abby, Sonic the PI, and Kaneki Akua


Quinn’s Thesis and Psych Awards Ceremony, Spring 2016

Quinn presenting her honors thesis


From left: Rob, Quinn, Lauren, and Kelcie
Matt and Quinn


Lab Photo, Fall 2016

From Left: Rob, Leanna, Lauren, Quinn, Molly, and Kelcie


Lab Picnic, Summer 2015

James, Rob, and Dawn playing badminton
Matt playing badminton
Quinn and Zach tossing the football
Back row, from left: Kelcie, James, and Rob. Front row, from left: Nina, Quinn, Dawn, and Zach