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Here are some Anki decks from around the web. Some of the decks may cover more topics than just psychiatry, but you can filter by tags or subgroups to focus your studies.

Tools -> Create filtered deck -> In the Search bar copy the following: tag:”Psychiatry”

If you are unfamiliar with the Anki program or are unsure how to download decks please see the: Anki Guide.

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Please note:
– These are user created decks and may contain errors and/or be removed at anytime.
– Trying to learn entirely from flashcards can be overwhelming and lead you away from success.
– There may be information that disagrees with what is presented in class. Please consider information from class as the correct information.

Deck LinkAuthorNotes
First Aid 2017 Pharmacologyaervien and tracymcgrady1991A review of the pharmacology found in First Aid
Psych ClerkshipAnonymousDesigned for the 3rd year clerkship, but does an excellent job covering "high-yield" topics.
Tracey's USMLE DeckTraceyDeck will download as "Misc" and contains multiple subjects. Separate by tag.