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Below are some videos examples which may assist in your understanding of psychiatry.


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University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham
MSE Findings
0:50 – “My housemates work for MI5 and they’re doing stuff to my brain” = Persecutory delusion/paranoia
2:00 – “I can hear them talking about me” = Auditory hallucinations
2:40 – “They’re always talking about everything I’m doing” = Running commentary
3:50 – “They’re putting stuff in my brain…they’re not my thoughts” = Delusion of control/thought insertion
4:15 – “It’s MI5” = Preoccupation
5:40 – “I don’t leave my room much” = Isolative behavior (negative symptom)
7:00 – “I thought of taking some pills” = Passive suicidal ideation
9:00 – “I smoke a bit of weed” (cannabis associated with increased psychosis in pts w/ schizophrenia)
10:45 – “I’m not ill” = Lack of insightAlso of note: Poor eye contact, fidgety/distractable.
-YT user pwbMD

University of Nottingham
MSE Findings
0:10 – Pressured speech, talkativeness
0:40 – Distractibility
1:00 – “Name’s a game” = Clang association (thought disorder)
1:10 – “Doctor Who, diddly dang, woddly dang” = Clang association
1:20 – “How old…you’re only as old as the woman you feel…the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…food for the soul, a nice bit of sole” = Tangentiality/flight of ideas
1:50 – “This is the work I’ve been doing…It’s my cure for cancer” = Grandiosity, activity increase
2:10 – “I’ve been up all week” = Insomnia
2:40 – “F*ck off” = Disinhibition (unless he’s normally vulgar!)
3:20 – Activity increase
3:45 – “I’m gonna get one of those” = Distractibility
4:10 – “God tells me I’m doing a really good job…” = Delusion of grandeur
4:55 – Tangential
6:30 – Insomnia
7:00 – “Fantastic” = Euphoria
-YT user pwbMD

University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham
Media Examples Description
Heroin use in Trainspotting

A fan-made music video depicting heroin intoxication, overdose, reversal, and withdrawal