Misc. Links


  • Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Department of Psychiatry (http://medicine.buffalo.edu/departments/psychiatry.html).  The website for our Department where you can check out our different treatment settings, faculty profiles, upcoming events, and links to our Residency Program and Child and Forensic Fellowships.
  • American Psychiatric Association (https://psychiatry.org): Sign up to be a student member. Membership is free and you can also attend the national conference held annually in May for free as well.
  • PsychSIGN (http://www.psychsign.org): This is a national student interest group for students interested in psychiatry. They hold their own conference designed specifically for students with a residency fair at the beginning of the national APA conference. If you are lucky, as a member, the APA will pay for your hotel room (with a randomly assigned roommate or roommates of the same gender) for two nights, so you can attend the psychSIGN conference and the beginning of the APA conference.
  • American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (http://www.aacap.org/Default.aspx): The national association of Child Psychiatrists offers free membership for students and numerous other opportunities for students interested in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  Much like the APA, membership is free and will allow you access to the Child Psychiatry journal.
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) (https://www.nami.org): NAMI is described on their website as being the “nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.” Many patients and their families find NAMI to be an invaluable resource. They have a pretty extensive website that is worth checking out.
  • Association of Directors of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry (ADMSEP http://www.admsep.org/): As stated on their website “An organization of psychiatric educators dedicated to the education of medical students in the psychiatry and behavioral sciences.”  ADMSEP focuses on providing the best possible education for medical students with regarding to Psychiatry.  The welcome medical students and anyone with an interest in medical education.


Caustic Soda

Caustic Soda was a weekly podcast about science, horrible news and humor hosted by Toren Atkinson, Kevin Leeson and Joe Fulgham. Each episode of Caustic Soda took a gruesome, gory or otherwise horrible topic, such as shark attacks, parasites and radiation, and broke it down into an easily-digestible bubbling paste of funny! The hosts discussed the topic’s origins, recent news and pop culture.

It was hard science by soft people!

Caustic Soda – Depression
What is the cause of depression? Are incidents of depression increasing? Can you cure depression with a bullet? None of these questions will be answered to your satisfaction, but Dr. Rob will nonetheless help dispel much of the myths and misinformation about clinical depression that come out of the other hosts’ mouths.

Caustic Soda – Psychosis
Dr Rob returns to explain post-partum psychosis, Capgras delusion, Fregoli delusion, alien hand syndrome, wendigo psychosis, koro syndrome, Paris syndrome, reduplicative paramnesia, Alice in Wonderland syndrome, plus loads of pop culture.

Caustic Soda – Suicide
TRIGGER WARNING: Some of the images and videos below are GRAPHIC, and of course the episode deals with suicide entirely.

Dr. Rob joins Kevin, Toren, and Joe to talk about the act of taking your own life: suicide. We’ll discuss the Werther effect, suicide statistics, methods and their consequences, Cato the Minor’s intestinal fortitude, seppuku, Budd Dwyer’s on-air suicide, Dr. Kevorkian’s “Thanatron”, the “Deliverance Machine”, plus news and pop culture.