Graduate Student Panel Discussion

panelIn the fall of 2012, the Neuroscience GSA organized an academic panel discussion for the second consecutive year.  This year the theme of the discussion was “Being a graduate student in the biomedical and psychological sciences.”  A diverse panel of seven graduate students took part in an in-depth conversation about multiple aspects of their graduate experiences.  The panel tackled a wide range of topics, including the process of applying to graduate school, selecting and interacting with advisors, completing a dissertation or thesis, and the day-to-day experience of being a graduate student.

The panelists provided informed opinions, personal anecdotes, and important advice for those in attendance.  The audience included undergraduates who were interested in pursuing a graduate degree in the biomedical and/or psychological sciences as well as current graduate students.  Following the panel discussion, there was a dinner social that allowed the audience members to continue the conversation with the panelists.  Students engaged the panelists on a more individual basis and discussed specific topics in even greater detail over food and drinks.

The event was held on November 14th in 280 Park Hall, at the University at Buffalo North Campus.  The panelists included Joseph Boomer (Psychology PhD student), Tom Covey (Neuroscience PhD Student), Lara Duffney (Neuroscience PhD Student), Sarah Long (Psychology MA Student), Naomi McKay (Psychology PhD Student), and Daniel Stolzberg (Neuroscience PhD Student).  The discussion was moderated by Claire Modica (Neuroscience PhD Student).  It was co-sponsored by the UB Neuroscience Program, the Psychology, Biochemistry, and Pharmacology & Toxicology GSAs, the UB Society for Feminism, and the UB Graduate Student Association.

For a full overview of the event and a description of the panelists, view the program here.

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