Student Publications, 2012-2013 Academic Year

Bruce Maki
PhD Student, Neuroscience Program
Advisor: Gabriela Popescu, PhD

Maki, BA, Cole, RF, Popescu, GK. (2013). Two serine residues on GluN2A C-terminal tails control NMDA receptor current decay times. Channels, 7(2), 126-132.  Abstract.

Maki, BA, Aman, TK, et al. (2012). C-terminal Domains of NMDA (N-Methyl-D-aspartic Acid) Receptor Modulate Unitary Channel Conductance and Gating. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 287, 36071-36080.  Abstract.

Meaghan Paganelli
PhD student, Neuroscience Program
Advisor: Gabriela Popescu, PhD

Amico-Ruvio SA, Paganelli MA, Myers JM, Popescu GK.  (2012). Ifenprodil effects on GluN2B-containing glutamate receptors.  Mol Pharmacol. 82(6):1074-81.  Abstract.

Tom Covey
PhD student, Neuroscience Program
Advisor: David Shucard, PhD; Janet Shucard, PhD

Covey, TJ, Shucard, JL, Violanti, JM, Lee, J, & Shucard, DW. (2013). The effects of exposure to traumatic stressors on inhibitory control in police officers: A dense electrode array study using a Go/NoGo continuous performance task. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 87(3), 363-375.  Abstract.

Sarah Hayes
PhD student, Neuroscience Program
Advisor: Richard Salvi, PhD

Lobarinas E, Hayes SH, Allman BL. 2012.  The gap-startle paradigm for tinnitus screening in animal
models: Limitations and optimization.  Hearing Research Special Issue: Neuroscience of Tinnitus, 295:
150-160.  Abstract.

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