Presentations/Conferences, 2013-2014

Jia Cheng
PhD Student, Neuroscience Program
Advisor: Zhen Yan, PhD

Cheng, J. Methylphenidate Exerts Dose-Dependent Effects on Glutamatergic Transmission and Cognitive Behaviors. Oral Presentation, Highlights in Child Neurology, 66th American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting.

Cheng, J. The Bi-directional Effects of Ritalin on Cognitive Functions. Oral Presentation, 3rd Annual Behavior and Brain Sciences Symposium, SUNY at Buffalo

Tom Covey
PhD student, Neuroscience Program
Advisor: David Shucard, PhD

Covey, TJ. The neural basis of cognitive functioning: Methods, experimental findings, and implications. Invited Talk. Biology Seminar Series, Canisius College, November 2013.

Lara Duffney
PhD student, Neuroscience Program
Advisor: Zhen Yan, PhD

Duffney, L. A Pathophysiological Mechanism and Treatment Strategy for Autism. Oral Presentation. Works In Progress Seminar, SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo NY. June 2014.

Duffney, L. Shank3 deficiency induces NMDA receptor hypofunction via an actin-dependent mechanism. Oral Presentation. Society for Neuroscience 43rd Annual Meeting, San Diego CA. November 2013

Duffney, L. The role for Shank3 in NMDAR-mediated deficits in Autism. Oral Presentation. Seventh Annual Neuroscience Research Day, Buffalo SfN Chapter, Buffalo NY. September 2013

Duffney, L, Zhong, P, Wei, J, Cheng, J, Matas, E, & Yan, Z.  A synaptic mechanism and treatment strategy for autism.  Poster Presentation. SUNY Buffalo 7th Annual Neuroscience Research Day. September 2013

Jay Garaycochea
PhD student, Neuroscience
Advisor: Malcolm slaughter, PhD

Garaycochea, J., & Slaughter, M. GABAb inhibits large conductance potassium channels in the rodent retina.  Poster Presentation. FASEB: Retinal neurobiology and visual processing. June 2014.

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