Issue 1 (2011-2012)

Below you will find content from the inaugural issue of the Neuroscience GSA Newsletter, an email newsletter sent to Neuroscience students and faculty at UB.   The newsletter is meant to provide an overview of the club’s recent activities and highlight recent accomplishments of NGSA members.  Many thanks to the NGSA Newsletter team for their time and effort – Stefanie Acevedo, Katelyn Carr, Tom Covey, Claire Modica, and Daniel Stolzberg.  Without the hard work of these individuals the newsletter would not have been possible.  The NGSA hopes to continue this newsletter for years to come, with the goal of increasing interaction among Neuroscience students and faculty.  Please browse through the links below for information about the club’s activities and individual student honors from the 2011-2012 academic year.

Neuroscience GSA Events Spotlight:

“Careers in Neuroscience” Panel Discussion

Brain Bee

Invited Speaker

Brain Awareness Week

Neuroscience GSA Travel Award

Student Profiles:

Yina Ma, Master’s Student, Neuroscience Program

Daniel Stolzberg, PhD Student, Neuroscience Program

Graduate Student Recognition:

Recent Awards

Recent Publications

Graduating NGSA Members

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