Undergraduate Research Assistants

Research Assistants work at a variety of levels in the Social Development lab and gain experiences collecting data in the lab and in local schools as well as with data entry, coding, and management. Research assistants are expected to commit to work in the lab for two semesters with a schedule of approximately 10 hours a week. We also have a weekly meeting with all lab members which exposes research assistants to developmental literature and provides an opportunity for discussion about graduate school.

RAs typically have a GPA of 3.3 or higher and a B+ or higher in Statistics (PSY 207) and Scientific Inquiry (PSY 250). Students who have experience working with young children and those who have earned a B+ or higher in Developmental Psychology (PSY 336) are preferred.

Those interested in applying should fill out the RA Application 2018¬†and return it with a copy of their transcripts to Kristin Perry’s mailbox in the Psychology Department mail room on the second floor of Park Hall.