Prospective Graduate Students

All Ph.D. students working under the guidance of Dr. Ostrov are full-time students in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program in the Department of Psychology at UB.  The overall training approach is consistent with a clinical scientist model.  Research is the main emphasis in the UB clinical scientist training program and students will be well positioned to enter tenure track academic positions or to work in an academic medical center.  Students with primary clinical interests are NOT encouraged to apply.

Ph.D. students working in the Social Development Lab have a unique opportunity to gain exposure to theory and methods within applied developmental psychology and developmental psychopathology.

Past students have conducted research projects in middle childhood, adolescence, and emerging adulthood but the main emphasis in the lab is the development of aggression and peer victimization during early childhood.  Students who do not have developmental interests and a desire to work with young children are NOT a good fit with this lab.

Students in the lab are encouraged to pursue their own research ideas and interests.  Students may expect to publish their 2nd and 3rd year research projects (and dissertations) as first authors in respected peer-reviewed outlets.  Students are typically given several opportunities to co-author manuscripts with others in the lab.  Students in the lab present their work at peer-reviewed conferences such as SRCD, SRA, and ISRA.  Students in the lab typically meet with Dr. Ostrov once a week in individual meetings.  General lab staff meetings also occur once a week. 

Prospective students should explore the clinical psychology program materials found on the Department of Psychology website and contact Dr. Ostrov ( with additional questions.   

M.A. students are also occasionally accepted to work with Dr. Ostrov. For more information, see the general M.A. program materials found on the UB Department of Psychology Website.