Meet the MSF Ambassadors 2022

Is the MS in Finance (MSF) program right for you? Are you right for it? Find out what life is like in our highly ranked program via candid conversations with current graduate students Archana Mohan, MS ’22 and Vishal Subramaniam, MS ’22.

Connect directly with our MSF Ambassadors via email or a scheduled chat through our website’s “Connect with a Current Student” page.

Meet the MSF Ambassadors 2022, Part 1

Current students are asked:

  • Why did you choose UB?
  • If, at this point, you could go back in time and start the program all over again, what advice would you give yourself as an incoming candidate?
  • How would you describe the learning culture and environment? Is it competitive, collaborative, etc.?
  • Do most students live on campus, near campus, or throughout the city?
  • Does most group work take place on-campus or off-campus?
  • What does a typical Thursday or Friday night look like for a student at UB?

Meet the MSF Ambassadors 2022, Part 2

Can UB’s MSF program help you attain your career goals? In part 2 of our series, current graduate students discuss:

  • Curriculum
  • Preparation for internships
  • Interaction with faculty members
  • How much time is required outside of class on readings, group projects, homework, etc.
  • Activities outside of class including clubs and UB’s social scene
  • An assessment of the Career Resource Center

Meet the MSF Ambassadors 2022, Part 3

Learn more Buffalo, UB, the MSF program and get to know current graduate students on a more personal level. They candidly discuss:

  • Unique facts about themselves as it pertains to being an MS in Finance student
  • What they love and dislike about Buffalo
  • What they will miss the most about UB

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