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MI Links and Resources

General Resources: Start Here

Understanding MI – Three-page description of motivational interviewing (MI) and its spirit, core skills, and processes (tasks).

MI Spirit – Quick guide to the essential spirit of MI.

MI Skills – Quick guide to the core skills of MI.

MI Four Tasks – Quick guide to the four processes of MI practice.

The Spirit of Motivational Interviewing – 6 minute YouTube animated video describing the spirit of MI.

Short Video Clips on Motivational Interviewing – 1-5 minute video clips on MI topics.

Ten Things that Motivational Interviewing Is Not – An article by Miller & Rollnick addressing some common misunderstandings about MI.

Learning MI – Four-page guide to the process of learning MI.

Books & Articles

Motivational interviewing: Helping people change and grow (4th ed.) – The recently released update of Miller & Rollnick’s foundational book, which details the spirit, skills, and tasks of MI.

Motivational interviewing in health care: Helping patients change behavior (2nd ed.) – The most recent edition of the definitive guide to MI for health care professionals.

Motivational Interviewing Books – Additional recommended books, listed on the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) website.

Find MI articles and research on Google Scholar – Add your own key words to focus your search.

Audio & Video

Talking to Change Podcast  – Earlier episodes focus on broad concepts, while later episodes explore specialized topics.

MerloLab YouTube Channel – 4-20 minute YouTube video examples of effective and ineffective approaches to working with people across a variety of settings.

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing – 17 minute YouTube slide presentation about MI, the MI spirit, OARS skills, and the four processes.

Motivational Interviewing for the Busy Clinician – 10 minute YouTube video exploring a physician’s experience with MI and ways in which MI saves time.

A Motivational Interviewing Approach to Student Conduct – 12 minute YouTube video with examples and guidance on using MI in a higher-education disciplinary context.

How to Use Motivational Interviewing with Personal Training – 40 minute YouTube video describing use of MI in the personal training context.

MI Skills Webinar – 1 hr 15 min recorded webinar video describing ways for professionals to advance MI skills beyond the basics.

Change Talk 1 Webinar and Change Talk 2 Webinar – 1 hour recorded webinar videos reviewing change talk and its significance.

Tooth Talk Moments – 24 minute Vimeo video with tips and examples about using MI with parents in early childhood settings.

Further Information: MI Training, Consultation, & Research

Motivational Interviewing for Brief Consultations – a 1 hour learning module on MI and its uses.

Training MI – Guidance for MI trainers.

Researching MI – Guidance for conducting research on MI.

Other Helpful MI Websites

Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT)

Motivational Interviewing for Schools

Intrinsic Change: Videos

Intrinsic Change: Documents

Health Education & Training Institute

Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network

MI Series from Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation

Case Western Reserve University Center for Evidence-Based Practices