Lab Photos

Fall 2023 Lab Group!

Back row L to R: Mariza Khalaf, Katie Finnerty, Gabby Pascuzzi, Gregory Lapp, Colby Mayer, Corey Allred; Front row L to R: Leslie Mei, Nicole Koefler, Lora Park, Esther Lee, Rebecca Farca

Final Spring 2023 lab meeting!

2023 SPSP reunion in Atlanta, GA with former undergrad psychology honors thesis student Hector Sosa,

who is now a Ph.D. student at UMass-Amherst working with Buju Dasgupta!

Final Fall 2022 lab meeting with grad students and RAs!

Final Spring 2022 lab meeting with grad students and RAs!

Congrats to our past, present, and future graduating RAs!
Back row L to R: Shaun Tay (class of 2022), Caroline Ip (class of 2022), Nur-E Imam (class of 2021)
Front row L to R: Jordan Scholl (class of 2021), Jer Maine Won (class of 2022), Jada Dejesus (class of 2023)
Not pictured: Anna Dzury

Spring 2022 Lab Meetings!

Such a great Spring 2022 lab group of grad students and undergrad RAs!
Back row L to R: Jer Maine Won, Shaun Tay, Nur-E Imam, Esha Naidu, Lora Park, Veronica Schneider, Ji Xia, Abbie Hessler Front row L to R: Jada Dejesus, Anna Dzury, Nicole Koefler, Gabby Pascuzzi, Caroline Ip, Katie Finnerty On Zoom: Cassie O’Brien, Deborah Ward; Not pictured: Valerie Vessels, Yahui Chang, Zaviera Panlilio, Jordan Scholl
Fall 2021 Hybrid lab meeting!
Shaun Tay, Lora Park, Abbie Hessler, Yahui Chang, Jer Maine Wong, Jada Dejesus, Nicole Koefler, Ji Xia, Anna Dzury, Cassie O’ Brien, Caroline Ip
Our Fall 2021 Zoom lab members!
Top left to right: Zaviera Panlilio, Esha Naidu, Nur-E Imam
Bottom row: Valerie Vessels, Deborah Ward

May 2021: Congrats to Dr. Deborah Ward for successfully defending her dissertation!
Fall 2020 Lab Photo
Top row, left: William Nicholson, Alessia Italiano, Kenan Jude, Yahui Chang, Lora Park; Second row, left: Abbie Hessler, Patsy Iannico, Samantha Whitman, Hector Sosa, Nick Gray; Third row, left: Cassie O’Brien, Caroline Ip, Deborah Ward, Andres Guererro, Esha Naidu; Bottom row, left: Kyle Pelczak, Chris Khudari
Spring 2020 Lab Photo
Back row from left : Esha Naidu, Alessia Italiano, Kyle Pelczak, Nick Gray, Tracy Radsvick; Front row from left: Ruo Shan (Jennifer) Weng, Carl Wiedemann, Yahui Chang, Deborah Ward, Lora Park, Hector Sosa, Chris Khudari, Keliang (Colin) Li, Abbie Hessler
Fall 2019 Lab Photo
Left to right: Ruo Shan (Jennifer) Weng, Tracy Radsvick, Carl Wiedemann, Deborah Ward, Lora Park, Alessia Italiano, Nick Gray, Abbie Hessler, Esha Naidu
Lindsey Streamer and Deborah Ward at 2019 MPA Conference in Chicago!
Deborah Ward, Alessia Italiano, and Lindsey Streamer at the 2019 MPA Conference!
2019 Midwestern Psychological Association Conference in Chicago!
Alessia Italiano and Deborah Ward at the 2019 SPSP Conference in Portland, Oregon!
2019 SPSP Conference in Portland, Oregon
Alessia Italiano presents research at the
2019 SPSP Conference in Portland, Oregon!
2018 Lab Photo
Back row, left: Elaine Paravati, Han Jung, Tracy Radsvick, Ji Xia;

Front row, left: Ruo Shan (Jennifer) Weng, Lora Park, Deborah Ward

Lab photo with first group of Ph.D. students!
From left: Ariana Young, Lindsey Streamer, Lora Park, Jordan Troisi
Brainstorming ideas at lab meeting with Jordan Troisi, Lindsey Streamer, Dr. Park, Ariana Young
Undergraduate student Austin Valvo (currently a graduate student in the Ph.D. program in Organizational Psychology at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte) presents his Psychology Honors Thesis project at UB’s Celebration of Academic Excellence!
Undergraduate student Haemi Nam (who went on earn her PhD in Social Psychology at Ohio State University in 2022) discusses her Psychology Honors Thesis project at UB’s Celebration of Academic Excellence!