Grants Received

Center for Educational Innovation – University at Buffalo
2015 Seed Grant for Promoting Pedagogical Innovation

Graduate School of Education – University at Buffalo
2015 GSE Innovative Teaching Grant

Conference Proceedings

2016 AACE-SITE Conference – Savannah, Ga
Gamification in Online Education: How and Why?
Presenters: Deborah Moore-Russo, Jeremiah Grabowski, Anne Reed, Andrew Wiss

2015 Genteels’ Excellence In Teaching Conference – University at Buffalo
Designing a Gamified Online Course: A Preliminary Case Study
Presenter: Jeremiah Grabowski


Moore-Russo, D., Wiss, A., & Grabowski, J. (2017). Integration of Gamification into Course Design: A Noble Endeavor with Potential Pitfalls. College Teaching, 1-3.