Latest Past Events

ELAN 1 workshop

Come and learn the basics of ELAN with Holly Keily. This workshop is a refresher on the ELAN workshop run in Spring 2016. Come learn how to set up files, some basic commands, and how to get up and running with some basic coding decisions.

GLA Website tutorial

Come learn how to make your UB website! Holly Keily will lead a tutorial where you go step-by-step through writing and uploading a bootstrapped website to your UBFS. Have a professional space! Learn to work with HTML!

IRB for Principal Investigators: How to create and submit a protocol in the system

Baldy 603 With guest speaker: Marla Witkowski PACS Campus Training Coordinator Electronic Research Administrator (eRA) UB’s Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development • Participants should bring their laptop, tablet, etc. • Also bring current research ideas… Guatemalan Coffee & Homemade Pastries will be served!!