Help-a-Linguist Fund

The deadline for applications for the Spring 2024 round is May 1, 2024.

Application Guidelines

The Help-a-Linguist-Fund (HaLF) is a Graduate Linguistics Association initiative which provides funding for graduate students to alleviate the costs associated with presenting at conferences and conducting fieldwork or research.

The GLA sets aside funds in its budget for HaLF and this money serves to help GLA members pay for conferences, research and fieldwork. The funds are to be allocated to future activities. HaLF does not reimburse for expenses accrued prior to the application approval.

Applicants should be aware that they may not receive the full amount requested, however many times they apply.

Applicants may submit multiple applications for different research activities, but a per person lifetime maximum of $200 for a conference, research, or fieldwork, may be granted to any individual. Submitted applications will be reviewed by GLA members in the week following the deadline. The GLA will then consider each submission and members vote to approve or deny the application. GLA members will also vote on how much funding is to be awarded to each applicant.

Application Criteria

  • Applicant must use the funds to:

    • present at a linguistics-related conference. Attending without presenting at a conference is not grounds for support. Applicants may receive a maximum of $200.00 for presenting. Current guidelines prohibit funding for international travel.

    • conduct linguistics-related research. Funds can be appropriated for compensating experiment participants, but applicants must maintain and follow standard IRB protocol. Applicants may receive a maximum of $200.00 for research-related expenses. All expenses must follow the guidelines set for the Mark Diamond Research Fund and will be subject to approval by the Graduate Student Association.

    • travel for field work. Applicants may receive a maximum of $200.00 for field work. Current guidelines prohibit funding any international travel.

  • For applicants seeking conference assistance, you must have first exhausted Graduate Student Association and departmental conference funds before applying to the Help-a-Linguist Fund. If you have applied to one of these funds but have been denied, i.e. you have not exhausted the available external funds, then the GLA will vote on whether to accept or deny your application, contingent upon the reasons of the denial.

  • Preference will be given to applicants who are requesting Help-a-Linguist Fund monies for the first time.

Application Procedure

  • The applications for Spring 2024 will be read and approved by the first of every month through May 1, 2024.

  • PLEASE NOTE: apply before your event, get funds after completion.

  • Submit all receipts together with all the necessary paperwork (identical to the GSA Conference Fund requirements).

  • Funds will be made available as soon as possible after the GSA has received all your relevant receipts.

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