Prospie Week/end Events!

Saturday morning we are going to go for breakfast at The Thirsty Buffalo restaurant at 11 am, followed by an outing... RSVP to Ali by THURSDAY morning.

Prospie Week/end Events!

Ali's Home

An informal grad student prospie party will be Saturday night at 7pm at Ali's house.

Causality Across Languages (CAL): Training Workshop Program

UB North Campus 603 Baldy Hall

CAL_Workshop_Program_Buffalo The Causality Across Languages project will host a training workshop March 17-20 (yes, during spring break - sorry!). The goal of the workshop is to instruct project members in the goals, methods, and procedures of the project. Duplicate workshops will take place at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in April and at Beihang […]

Women and Linguistic Fieldwork

A roundtable about the unique issues facing women doing fieldwork, particularly the potential problems, hassles and challenges that aren't usually discussed and their potential solutions. This is a 2-hour event with a keynote speaker followed by small presentations of the graduate students and a roundtable discussion. Its goal is to provide a platform for female […]

Colloquium: Maya Ravindranath, University of Rochester

UB North Campus 603 Baldy Hall

Sociolinguistic approaches to the study of language shift and endangerment Maya Ravindranath Abtahian, University of Rochester The rate of language endangerment worldwide is rapid, with linguists currently estimating that 50 – 90% of the world’s languages will be lost in the coming decades (Crystal 2000, Krauss 1992).

Launch of Socio Reading Group

UB North Campus 603 Baldy Hall

Wolf Wölck will be inaugurating the Sociolinguistics Lab with a talk on community profiles, ethnolects, language attitudes, and language standardization, this afternoon, at 3pm, in the Wolf Wölck Seminar Room (603 Baldy Hall). All welcome, and there will be baked treats and refreshments.

IRB for Principal Investigators: How to create and submit a protocol in the system

Baldy 603 With guest speaker: Marla Witkowski PACS Campus Training Coordinator Electronic Research Administrator (eRA) UB’s Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development • Participants should bring their laptop, tablet, etc. • Also bring current research ideas… Guatemalan Coffee & Homemade Pastries will be served!!

GLA Website tutorial

Come learn how to make your UB website! Holly Keily will lead a tutorial where you go step-by-step through writing and uploading a bootstrapped website to your UBFS. Have a professional space! Learn to work with HTML!

ELAN 1 workshop

Come and learn the basics of ELAN with Holly Keily. This workshop is a refresher on the ELAN workshop run in Spring 2016. Come learn how to set up files, some basic commands, and how to get up and running with some basic coding decisions.