Final Post

Last Thursday marked the end of my graduate student journey, as my final paper was due on Wednesday and my last day of field was on Thursday. I ended the week on a good note by attending the End of the Year party that was held at Pearl Street. Since I have been living in Northern New York/ Canada since August it was great to catch up with friends and colleagues from the social work program, as well as make new acquaintances.

I currently do not have a set plan for when I graduate, I continue to apply for positions and study for the licensure exam. I am thinking that I will take my exam first, before becoming employed, however, I am not set on that idea. I will continue to nanny for triplets, as I have been for the past year, and spend time with my friends and family that visit over the summer. I am also planning a couple trips throughout the summer including Denver, Northern Ontario, possibly Nashville, and multiple camping trips.

I enjoyed my internship and being exposed to the policies and programs that are available in Canada that differ from the U.S. It was great being in a placement where I was able to interact with the residents on a daily basis, develop rapport, and establish a plan for their goals. I have family that reside in the area so I plan on stopping to visit the supportive housing program when I am in town. There is some relief in ending my placement regarding less traveling back and forth from the U.S. and Canada, as I went back and forth every week.

Professionally, I hope to obtain my CASAC and am in the application process stage; I took the necessary courses as my elective in order to obtain the hours to apply. Once of the areas that I am looking to apply for jobs in is the addiction field as well as mental health. However, I am open to all the various areas of social work and look forward to developing my knowledge through employment.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 for all their hard work and perseverance throughout the program, I look forward to seeing everyone at graduation! Good luck on all your future endeavors!

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