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Happy Valentine’s Day blog readers!

I started a healthy relationship group at my field placement last week. We completed a craft, discussed some topics that will be conversed about within the group, and what the members hoped to get out of the group. Two residents attended, which was more than I expect in regards to participation, and I am hoping that additional residents attend this week’s session. Attendance is one of the roadblocks to establishing and maintaining a group within the house. The group members requested to discuss respect and trust within relationships, which will be the topics for this week’s group.

I also had a tour of the Bronson Centre within the past couple of weeks. The Bronson Centre is a community of 40 non-profit agencies and charities within the Ottawa community. Their services range from a food bank, mental health support, substance use support, music lessons for children, a wood working shop that refurbishes furniture for a small fee, a variety of concerts, as well as many other services. The Bronson Centre building used to be a school and was converted into the centre to provide support to the Ottawa community. When speaking with the director of the centre he stated that it was a social enterprise in which organizations or individuals pay for room rentals for various events such as self-help meetings, baby showers, weddings, private events, and concerts. This allows for the cost to remain low for the non-profit and charity organizations that are currently tenants. The small town that I come from in Northern New York does not have this type of support in the community and it was amazing to see the variety of services and positive impact that these services have on the community.

Winterlude was happening last week in Ottawa and there was an outing planned for the residents that I had the opportunity to attend. There were three individuals from MacLaren, the house that I have my placement in. An individual from the Booth Street location and a student from another university that was completing her placement also attended. Winterlude is a festival that runs for a couple of weeks in February and has various locations throughout the city. Activities of Winterlude range from snow playgrounds, skating and sports events, concerts and performances, as well as snow and ice sculpture competitions. We attended the location that had the snow and ice sculptures and were able to view the amazing artistry of individuals from all across the globe, I will be posting pictures of some of the sculptures that we saw. I have never attended this event before and am happy that I finally had the opportunity, especially with the women from Cornerstone.

One of the amazing ice sculptures

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2 thoughts on “Bronson Centre Tour and Winterlude Outing

  1. Pat Shelly

    Hi, Kayley – Love the ice sculptures pictures!
    I hope you would be able to join in this presentation on Social Work in Canada Mon. Mar. 5 at 12:30 via our Go To Meeting link. Here is the announcement:
    It would be interesting to see what you might add or to see what comments you have. Hope you can be there!
    How will your experience in Ottawa benefit you , and esp. if you get a job in the US?

    1. kayleyle Post author

      Thanks Pat!
      I was hoping that I would have been able to join the presentation, I went to a lot of the Global to Local Speaker presentations last year and they are one of the things I miss most about being at UB! However, I unfortunately was called into work and will miss it, it there a way that I can watch it after?
      I think one of the things that I have been able to gain from my experience at the supportive housing unit I am in is the difference that having a positive relationship with your cliental can make. Luckily, I have had a lot of time to form relationships with the ladies, as I am placed in the building that they reside in. I also think that just more knowledge about the homeless population, as I have not had experience in this field before. I come from a very small town with limited resources; when having tours of other local agencies I realized the benefit for the individuals that utilize those services, and the missed opportunities that individuals in rural areas have.
      As always, thank your for your comments.

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