Welcome to our Behavioral Health Lab!


Much of our research focuses on understanding and treating tobacco/nicotine use — namely cigarette smoking and vaping of e-cigarettes. Our laboratory and clinical studies are integrated, with the former helping to characterize potential targets for intervention, and the latter both testing ways to improve treatment and seeking to identify the mechanisms by which those treatments work.

Yet, our work is broader than nicotine and tobacco. We also examine other substances/drugs, and a lot of our research goes beyond addiction. Still, the broad goals are the same — improving our understanding of the roles of basic processes (e.g., emotion/motivation and cognition) in mental health and building better assessment approaches and treatments for mental health problems. So, behavioral health is a better broad label for the work we passionately pursue.

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Larry Hawk, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Research Advancement (CoRA)
Co-Director, Unit on Behavioral Health Research and Treatment
Department of Psychology
University at Buffalo