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An Exploratory Study of the Relationship Among the Race/Ethnicity of the Microaggressor, Collective Self-Esteem, and Anxiety Among Asian and Black College Students

Li Ting Lin

This exploratory study examined the effect of the microaggressor’s race/ethnicity on anxiety among 138 (74 Asian/Asian American and 64 Black/African American) college students. The relationship of collective self-esteem (CSE) and the race of participants on anxiety was also explored. Using a mixed methods design, overall findings indicated that racial microaggressions induce negative effects in participants. Implications regarding the findings are discussed.

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Racial Disparities in Teacher Ratings of ADHD Symptoms and Behavior: A Systematic Review

Abbey McClemont

This poster session will highlight findings of a new student-led systematic review which answers the question, Does a racial bias exist in teachers’ assessment of student ADHD symptoms and behavior? The poster will provide a summary of prior research on the topic, an overview of measures taken to conduct the systematic review, findings, and research gaps.

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Lisdexamfetamine and Workplace Interview Performance in Adolescents and Young Adults Diagnosed with ADHD

Samantha Stanford

In the current study, 18 individuals between the ages of 16 and 25 diagnosed with ADHD participated in a double-blind, placebo controlled evaluation of 40 mg of lisdexamfetamine dimesylate (Vyvanse) in a laboratory setting designed to replicate a restaurant workplace and a simulated food delivery formed on a high fidelity driving simulator. This presentation will focus on the interview performance of these participants.

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Caregiving Environmental Risk, Parenting, and Aggression from Infancy to Adolescence in a High-Risk Sample

Margaret Manges

This poster will discuss a study conducted by the Alberti Center of Bullying Abuse Prevention investigating the pathways to adolescent aggression via parenting, cumulative environmental risk, and childhood aggression in a high-risk sample. The study sought to investigate whether cumulative caregiving environmental risk (maternal psychopathology, maternal substance use, caregiving instability, and maternal education), and parenting (maternal harshness and maternal sensitivity) across early childhood was associated with aggression in early adolescence. It also investigates whether these associations are due to stable/enduring effects or if they are time specific/critical periods of development that exert influence on early adolescent aggression.

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Participatory Design: A Turn Toward More Resilient Research

Elizabeth Davis & Owen Stewart-Robertson

In attempting to demonstrate the value of participatory design, this poster will point toward areas where LIS research can look past the proverbial tower of academia to focus on community-based, practice-focused projects. It will discuss how participatory design models foster local relationships that may also support social justice initiatives in various communities. The poster presentation will conclude with suggested areas for future research and scenarios which could benefit from participatory design research methodologies.

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Effects of Science Fiction on Eleventh-Grade Girls’ Interest in Entering STEM Fields

Diana Krueger

The proposed study will test the hypothesis that the consumption of assigned science fiction materials will impact eleventh-grade girls’ science identities such that they become more likely to consider careers in STEM. If the study strengthens the belief in the hypothesis that an arts-based strategy in high school leads to an increase in girls’ interest in STEM fields, then this strategy is promising for increasing the number of women employed in STEM in the future.

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