Undergraduate Research Assistants

Our lab has a stellar group of undergraduate research assistants who work with graduate students throughout the research process. Their main focus in our lab is running participants in experimental studies; however, they also gain experience in the review of past research and creation of new work. Presently, our research assistants are:

  • Dejanay Burke psychology major with criminology minor, senior
  • Irena Cao psychology and communication major with sociology minor, junior
  • Kelly Curran psychology and health and human services major, senior
  • Aditi Kumar psychology major with minor in neuroscience, senior
  • Kelly Rees psychology major, senior
  • Katie Rice psychology major with Spanish and counseling minors, senior
  • Dylan Schihl psychology and pre-med major, junior
  • Alex Seligson psychology and sociology major, junior
  • Eun-Myung Song biological science major with psychology minor, senior
  • Ka Kei Corey Tam psychology major, senior
  • Mackenzie Thompson psychology major, sophomore

For more information on how you can join our research team and become a research assistant, click here.