Micki McGee (Fordham) Talks DH with UB Faculty and Students

Micki McGee of Fordham University joined us for two sessions at Digital Scholarship Week to share some of her personal experiences leading digital projects and a variety of tool and tips related to the kinds of projects that UB faculty and students might be interested in pursuing. She very helpfully aimed her talk to address participants who may be coming from a range of backgrounds or attitudes, which she described as “the beguiled,” “the curious,” and “the wary.” By drawing on her own broad experience and the development of her digital projects, Dr. McGee suggested the multiple trajectories that can land scholars in the terrain of “the digital humanities,” and the various motives and needs that can contribute to the decisions that one has to make at different stages in project planning and execution, as well as what happens after your initial development or publication is over, and you need to secure a viable future for your work.

In describing her own unfolding work, Dr. McGee explained how project cycles, funding cycles and requirements, and the structure of graduate programs or tenure tracks contribute to a shifting calculus, rather than any single equation for success. She encouraged us all, at whatever stage we might be at, to ask “Who’s the community for me and this project?” and to seek out the kinds of advice, precedents, collaboration, and other connections that can embed digital scholarship within the kinds of networks that are required to ensure it is used, valued, and sustained.

Thanks to Dr. McGee for contributing to Digital Scholarship Week!