The mission of the Committee on Digital Scholarship and Cultures (DiSC) is to help develop the infrastructure necessary to support the expanded use of digital methodologies in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and education. To achieve this mission, DiSC works toward the following goals:

  1.  expanding opportunities for training in digital methods for undergraduates, graduates, and faculty,
  2.  supporting research involving the use, development, and understanding of digital methods, and
  3.  disseminating information to help all relevant UB units make the best use of digital methods to fulfill their own missions.

Digital technologies are increasingly integral to research practices across UB, essential to university operations, and intertwined with our educational mission. In the disciplines, the application of digital methods has long extended from computer science into engineering, medicine, and the natural sciences. Now, however, the importance of digital technologies to the arts, humanities, social sciences, and education is growing at an accelerating pace. To stand on a competitive footing with its peers, UB needs a sustained effort to build the infrastructure necessary to foster digital work in these areas. The required infrastructure is partly physical (hardware), but largely institutional: faculty and graduate student training opportunities, guidance on digital pedagogy, library services, and support for archiving and dissemination of scholarly products.