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Research at the intersection of self-assembly and energy

The Cook Lab is an inorganic research lab housed on the 8th floor of the Natural Sciences Complex on UB’s North Campus. The group synthesizes organic, inorganic, and organometallic complexes with an emphasis on assembling structurally complex polynuclear architectures. The building blocks comprising these metallacycles, cages, and frameworks are designed to introduce functionalities that enable redox chemistry, fluorescence, phosphorescence, host-guest chemistry, and catalysis. These properties underpin systematic studies of electronic structure and reactivity that drive the design of novel materials for light harvesting, electrochemical energy storage, small molecule activation, mixed-matrix membranes for separations, and organic pollutant remediation.

The Cook Lab is currently accepting undergraduate researchers

Undergraduates in their freshman or sophomore year with a GPA of 3.7 or higher interested in multiple semesters of research are particularly encouraged to set up a meeting with Dr. Cook to learn more about the group and the nature of undergraduate research at UB.