Research Assistants

Thamarah Bouaz is an undergraduate senior studying Psychology. She has 15 years of violin playing experience and was a member of my school district orchestra from seventh grade up until my senior year in high school. Since then, I have played privately.

Andreane Cruz is currently a Pre-Med student at the University At Buffalo where I am currently majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Psychology. I am a part of the EMG Suppression study, in which I screen participants, as well as attach multiple EMG sensors on specific parts of their body (i.e. biceps, upper lip, etc.) in order to track movement as they recreate different syllables/pitches. Growing up, my parents continuously tried to spark my interest in music, and to no avail. However, as I grow older my interest and curiosity in music keep growing, because of how often and how dependent people’s everyday lives are to it.

Bidya Dahal is a senior, double majoring in Psychology and Anthropology. Despite not playing any musical instruments, she has always been fascinated by music due to its impact on people’s lives. Her free time is spent listening to music from different genres and countries. Her interests include: consciousness, human perception, and cognition.

Bina Dahal is a Junior at UB, majoring in psychology. Although she has no formal education in music, she finds it fascinating in its capability to move people across cultures. She is excited to work in a lab that helps improve people’s ability to sing.

Kelli Eckenrode is a second-semester senior psychology major, minoring in neuroscience. She was heavily involved in both vocal and instrumental music programs throughout grade school, up until beginning at UB. A love for music and an interest in its relationship to psychology was a main driving factor of her pursuing a spot in this lab. This is her first year as a research assistant for APAL’s Grammy Project.

Chantel Fatorma is currently a pre-med student majoring in psychology in my senior year of college. This is her third year as a research assistant for APAL. Her role in the lab is working on the NSF study where participants are asked to listen to and replicate different sequences of sounds depending on their native language. She have been an active member of the choir at my church since I was young and grew up around many singers. She enjoy all types of music and love discovering new songs to listen to in her spare time.

Sneha George is currently a Junior double majoring in Psychology and Sociology, and minoring in Counseling at the University at Buffalo. She is working on the Grammy funded project focusing on improvement of singing accuracy as a first time Research Assistant. She has been surrounded by music my whole life. She was a part of a 4 time award winning concert choir, a leader of our church choir and attended the All State Music Festival 4 times. She is excited to see the culmination of both a Psychology and Music research project.

Arshpreet Grewal is a senior double majoring in Neuroscience and Spanish. After graduating from UB, she plans on attending medical school. She played the trumpet for three years while in secondary school and is currently starting to learn how to play the guitar. She is interested in how music and psychology are connected. 

Avani Gulati is pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in Neuroscience. She was classically trained in the piano and has been playing it for thirteen years. Her interest in music and desire to better understand the relationship between music and Psychology, is what encouraged her to join APAL. This is her first year in the lab. Her current role is listening to vocal recordings of participants singing certain songs, and analyzing segments of the songs based on the onset of the word ‘da’.

Ray Huang is a senior at University at Buffalo double majoring in psychology and public health. He has worked as a staff volunteer at NYSSMA Piano Festival in Zone 11 in prior years and has been learning to play the piano and flute since high school. He is excited to be a part of APAL, especially being able to understand pitch imitation and how that relates to the cognition and perception.

Kaithlyn Massiah is an undergraduate student pursuing a double major in Psychology and Linguistics. She has thirteen years of experience playing violin and is currently part of UB’s Symphony Orchestra. Her appreciation for music is what gained her interest in APAL and is eager to learn more about the relationship between psychology and music.

Noah Ortiz is a junior undergraduate psychology student at the University at Buffalo who has a deep interest in both psychology and music. His music experience began when he first started singing in his younger childhood. Eventually, he grew curious about the study of musical theory, as well as learning instruments including the guitar and the piano in high school. Since high school, he has learned a plethora of knowledge in both music and psychology.

Eun-Ji Esther Song graduated from University at Buffalo with BA in Psychology and Media Study. She joined APAL as an undergraduate research assistant in August 2019 with her interest in music as she worked closely with sounds as a film student. She used to be a part of the electromyography (EMG) suppression study and is now a part of the NSF-funded study. Her interests include consciousness, social cognition, social well-being, and psychophysiology. Outside of the lab, she works as a lab manager in Dr. Poulin’s SCoPE lab at UB.

Sanskriti Singh is a Senior at University at Buffalo double majoring in psychology and Social Sciences IDP concentrating in cognitive sciences. She has been playing guitar for three years in her leisure time. Her fascination with musical instruments and singing has procured her interest in APAL. In her free time, she likes listening to different genres of music and analyzing how it connects with cross-cultural aspects of language and perception. She is excited to work in this lab as it gives her a perspective towards music and its’ relation to psychology.