Research Assistants

Thamarah Bouaz is a recent UB graduate with a degree in Psychology. She has 15 years of violin playing experience and was a member of my school district orchestra from seventh grade up until my senior year in high school. Since then, I have played privately.

Andreane Cruz is a recent UB graduate with a degree in Neuroscience with a minor in Psychology. I am a part of the EMG Suppression study, in which I screen participants, as well as attach multiple EMG sensors on specific parts of their body (i.e. biceps, upper lip, etc.) in order to track movement as they recreate different syllables/pitches. Growing up, my parents continuously tried to spark my interest in music, and to no avail. However, as I grow older my interest and curiosity in music keep growing, because of how often and how dependent people’s everyday lives are to it.

Bidya Dahal is a recent UB graduate with degrees in Psychology and Anthropology. Despite not playing any musical instruments, she has always been fascinated by music due to its impact on people’s lives. My free time is spent listening to music from different genres and countries. My interests include: consciousness, human perception, and cognition.

Lihui De is a recent UB graduate with a degree in both psychology and criminology with a minor in law. He has been learning and practicing the piano for 15 plus years and has taught himself how to play the alto saxophone. He currently plays in the UB concert band since he was a freshman and is currently a third-year group member of the UB only co-ed a-cappella group: The Enchords. Music is a necessary part of his life. You can find him dancing on the street or in the car randomly, yep, he’s vibing with music. He loves psychology and is very excited to work in the lab.

Sneha George is currently a Senior double majoring in Psychology and Sociology, and minoring in Counseling at the University at Buffalo. She is working on the Grammy funded project focusing on improvement of singing accuracy as a first time Research Assistant. She has been surrounded by music my whole life. She was a part of a 4 time award winning concert choir, a leader of our church choir and attended the All State Music Festival 4 times. She is excited to see the culmination of both a Psychology and Music research project.

Elizabeth Goldstein is a junior at UB studying psychology. She is a flutist in the UB Symphonic Orchestra and has been playing the flute for 11 years. Besides the flute, she has also recently started to learn the piccolo and ukulele. She is interested in how the auditory system and brain work together in both music and language, two distinctly human experiences.

Avani Gulati is a recent UB graduate with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Neuroscience. She was classically trained in the piano and has been playing it for thirteen years. Her interest in music and desire to better understand the relationship between music and Psychology, is what encouraged her to join APAL. This is her first year in the lab. Her current role is listening to vocal recordings of participants singing certain songs, and analyzing segments of the songs based on the onset of the word ‘da’.

Brooke Romania is a current senior at UB pursuing a double major in SSI: Cognitive Science and Linguistics and a minor in Psychology. In addition to working for APAL, Brooke is an undergraduate research assistant for the Social Self Lab at UB run by Dr. Gabriel and an intern for the Early Childhood Research Center. Brooke’s interest in music began at a young age. she pursued training in piano, voice, and clarinet, and additionally has taught herself guitar, banjo, ukulele, and the harmonica.