Professor Ezra Zubrow, PhD

Director and Principal Investigator

SUNY Distinguished Service Professor, University at Buffalo

Professor, University of Toronto (SO)

Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London

Zubrow’s Resume

Research interests: Anthropological and Archaeological theory and method; social policy of heritage and disability; Nordic archaeology; ecology; simulation methods; demography; marginal cultural areas; Finland, Norway, England, Northeast

Agnė Čivilytė, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo

Researcher, Lithuanian Institute of History

Research interests: European Bronze Age; Technology and social development in prehistory; Social theories; Prehistoric warfare; Memory in archaeology; Cultural relations and identity in prehistory

Joseph Prego

PhD Candidate – University at Buffalo

Archaeologist/Environmental Specialist 2

Delaware Department of Transportation

Research Interests: Historic archaeology, Delmarva Archaeology, Archaeology of African Americans, Mid-Atlantic Archaeology

Elizabeth N. Smith

PhD Student

Christopher Troskovsky

Associate Director

Assistant Director, Alternative Testing and Assistive Technology, Disability Resource Center SUNY Albany

PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Prehistory of the Baltic Basin, Complex Hunter Gatherers, Corded Ware Migration, Neolithization Dynamics, Archaeology of Liminal Frontier Zones, Complexity Theory, Path Dependency of Landscape Scale Intercultural Interaction, Quaternary Geomorphology and Geoarchaeology, Ontology of Archaeological Narrative and Epistemology of Archaeology Meta-Narrative

Jonathan White

Assistant Director, Alternative Testing and Assistive Technology, Disability Resource Center, SUNY Albany

PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Accessibility, archaeology of the other, assistive technology, cultic archaeology, disability, Eastern Mediterranean archaeology (Cyprus, Egypt, Greece), exclusion, marginalization, material culture studies, urbanization

Kathleen (Kate) Wilson, M.Sc., M.A.

PhD Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant

Research Interests: Human/Landscape Interactions; Non-Christian/Christian Interactions; Religion; Folklore; GIS; Agent-based Modeling; Biological Archaeology; Early Medieval Scotland; Conversion Period Scotland; Museum Science; Museum Collections Management

Lab Alumni

Sarah Hoffman, PhD

Research Assistant Professor – University at Buffalo

Research interests: Environment and health risk; Globalization and Health; Place Attachment and Abandonment (topophobia and topophilia); Gender, Landscape, Folklore; Biological Anthropology; Archaeology; Paleopathology; Bioarchaeology, GIS computer-based mapping; Aerial Imaging; Aerial Thermography; Old Norse Epigraphy; Iceland; Scandinavia

Bobbi Hornbeck, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Stockton University, New Jersey

Erika Ruhl, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo

Adjunct Professor, Erie County Community College and Niagara County Community College

Research interests: Archaeological textiles, Concepts of Identity, Role Identity Theory, Design Theory, Pre-Modern Archaeology, Historic Archaeology, Finland, Crafting Processes, and Material Performance Characteristics, Public Education and Outreach

Lab Affiliates

Andre Costopoulos, PhD

Vice-Provost and Dean of Students, University of Alberta, Canada

Aleksandr Diachenko, PhD

Researcher, Institute of Archaeology, National Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine

Research interests: Eastern European Archaeology; Neolithic and Chalcolithic Settlement Systems in the Ukraine

Sarah Elder, PhD

Professor, Department of Media Study, University at Buffalo

Research interests: Documentary film production and studies; ethnographic media; ethnography; visual anthropology; emerging interactive documentary; nonfiction ethics; collaborative and participatory media practices; Alaska Native communities; Indigenous heritage and sovereignty with a focus on the practices and ethics of filming across cultural and social boundaries

Caroline Funk, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University at Buffalo

Research interests: Human decision-making in the context of environmental influence and impact: cognitive archaeology and landscape approaches in prehistoric, historic contact, and historic eras; hunter-gatherers in coastal landscapes: Aleutian Islands, Yukon – Kuskokwim Delta of Alaska, central Portugal; oral history, ethnohistory, settlement pattern analysis, faunal analysis, GIS, statistics

Hans Harmsen,PhD

Senior Researcher

Curator, National Archaeological Museum, Nuk, Greenland

Research interests: Human-natural systems; Environmental uncertainty; Coastal archaeology; Industrial heritage; Circumpolar Arctic; GIS and predictive modeling; Disability advocacy

Priyantha Karunaratne, PhD

Senior Researcher

Acheaology Sri Lanka

Greg Korosec, PhD

Senior Researcher

Archaeologist, Bureau of Land Management, Laramie, Wyoming

Sanna Lipkin, PhD

Research Assistant Professor – University at Buffalo

Academy research fellow at University of Oulu Finland

Research interests: Childhood archaeology, Textile archaeology, Post-medieval archaeology, Funerary archaeology, Childhood in the past

Torill Christine Lindstrøm

Professor, Department of Social Psychology, University of Bergen, Norway

Knight of the White Rose of Finland

Milton Nuñez, PhD

Professor Emeritus, University of Oulu, Finland

Jari Okkonen, PhD

Adjunct Professor, University of Helsinki, Finland

Lecturer, University of Oulu Finland

Florin Pendea, PhD

Senior Researcher

Associate Professor, Lakeland University, Ontario, Canada

Research Assistants

Djaliatou Barry

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Current Project: Archaeothanatology Research Project

Tianyu Chen

Graduate Research Assistant

Current Project: IT Specialist

Michelle Li

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Current Project: Movement of Corded Ware technology in Eastern Europe (Baltic Basin)


Undergraduate Research Assistant


Undergraduate Research Assistant