General Migration theory project


The problem of migration is one of the most important demographic issues always having been  a significant part of the human condition.  As one of the most successful adaptive radiations of all time, our hominid ancestors, natural migrators and adaptors, moved out of Africa and around the entire globe.  Every human individual is either a migrant or a descendant of one. 

Migration has dominated headlines around the world.  It underlies many economic crises as well as the politics of inclusion and exclusion.  Terrorism, warfare, and refugee catastrophes are determinants and consequences of migration.

In this project, we develop a general theory of migration based upon both migratory flows and migratory stocks. We consider environmental and demographic conditions as well as fear, perception, migratory cascades, and the degree of migration acceptance.


Ezra B.W Zubrow

Oleksandr Diachenko

Jay Leavitt


Contemporary Refugees

Historic Migration and Refugees