Former Graduate Students and Staff

Graduate Students

Emily (Ries) Ballok, M.S., LMHC

Lauren Celenza, Ed.M. (Senior Child Researcher, Fisher-Price)

Jilynn (Werth) Eagen, M. A. (Ph.D. in School Psychology from UB; School Psychologist)

*Stephanie Godleski, Ph.D. (Rochester Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor of Psychology)

*Kirstin Stauffacher Grös, Ph.D. (Medical University of South Carolina, Faculty)

*Emily J. Hart, Ph.D. (Child Mind Institute, The Healthy Brain Network study, Clinical Psychologist)

*Kimberly Kamper-DeMarco, Ph.D. (Buffalo State College, Assistant Professor of Psychology)

*Adam D. Mullins, M. A.

*Jamie L. (Guzzo) Sweeney, M. A. (Executive Director, Early Childhood Center)

Alyssa Tevens, Ed.M.

*Indicates a mentored trainee



Hannah Holmlund (Massachusetts General Hospital, Research staff)

Tatiana Matlasz (Louisiana State University, PhD student in Clinical Psychology)

Lauren Mutignani, M.A. (University of Arkansas, PhD student in Clinical Psychology)

Sarah Probst (University of Michigan, Ph.D. student in Developmental Psychology)