Former Graduate Students and Staff

Graduate Students

*Kimberly Kamper-DeMarco, Ph.D. (Research Institute on Addictions, NIAAA funded Postdoctoral Associate)

*Emily J. Hart, Ph.D. (Child Mind Institute, The Healthy Brain Network study, Clinical Psychologist)

Lauren Celenza, Ed.M.

*Stephanie Godleski, Ph.D. (Rochester Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor)

*Jamie L. Guzzo, M. A.

*Adam D. Mullins, M. A.

Emily Ries, M.S.

*Kirstin Stauffacher Grös, Ph.D. (Medical University of South Carolina, Faculty)

Alyssa Tevens, Ed.M.

Jilynn Werth, M. A.

*Indicates a mentored trainee



Lauren Mutignani, M.A. (University of Arkansas, PhD student in Clinical Psychology)

Tatiana Matlasz (Louisiana State University, PhD student in Clinical Psychology)

Hannah Holmlund (Massachusetts General Hospital, Research staff)