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The DRP Committee

Katherine Betz

Project Coordinator

The project coordinator is primarily tasked with establishing projects for the directed reading program. This involves creating projects, evaluating and revising submitted projects, and choosing projects and mentors for each term, as well as assigning students to project groups. Finally, the project coordinator is required to oversee the evaluation of student work, advising mentors on how to write an evaluation, reading and editing evaluations, and attending student presentations at the end of the project term. 

Financial Coordinator

The financial coordinator is primarily tasked with funding the directed reading program. This involves searching for financial assistance from the mathematics department, college of arts and sciences, university at large, and external donors, writing or revising any required proposals for funding, as well as managing the financial resources of the program, including the spending of any funds granted to the program. This includes: advertising costs, supplies for a project group, and mentor and committee stipends. 

Arya Vadnere

Outreach Coordinator

The outreach coordinator is primarily tasked with advertising the directed reading program. This involves identifying potential participants, both students and mentors, as well as committee members, and making contact with said participants. Additionally, the outreach coordinator is required to disseminate information about the program to attract new participants. This includes: sending information about the program via email to departments, faculty, and students, creating and posting flyers or posters, holding informational meetings, and maintaining the program’s website. Lastly, the outreach coordinator is tasked with coordinating the creation of a MTH course for the program. 

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