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The Need for Curricular Innovations within Bioinformatics and Genomics:

As SUNY educators, we face challenges in developing effective methods to teach Bioinformatics. Despite the central place held by bioinformatics in modern life sciences and related areas it has only been integrated into undergraduate teaching and learning programs to a limited extent. This conference presents a SUNY-based interdisciplinary discussion of collaborative learning approaches and curricular innovations within bioinformatics/genomics. This conference will allow participants from all SUNY campuses to come together to: 1) exchange ideas about their bioinformatics-related curriculum pedagogy; 2) form connections with staff/faculty from other SUNY campuses who share an interest in developing and modifying bioinformatics-related curricular content; and 3) exchange ideas about how multiple SUNY campuses can enhance the capacity of the STEM workforce through community outreach activities.  This conference will be the first structured meeting of faculty members from multiple SUNY campuses and community partners who are interested in the discussion of innovative curricular activities regarding bioinformatics/genomics.

This conference will contribute to the ongoing dialog between educators, SUNY faculty, and community partners by facilitating the exchange of ideas and conversations about scholarly and innovative bioinformatics curricular activities, as well as addressing changes and challenges within STEM academic disciplines and the field of bioinformatics.

Facilitation of Scholarly Exchange

This conference will facilitate and encourage the collaboration of SUNY and non-SUNY colleagues from different fields, and allow for the exchange of ideas about bioinformatics curricula and activities across disciplinary boundaries. As bioinformatics has only recently been integrated into undergraduate teaching and learning programs, there have been limited opportunities to discuss learning approaches and curricular innovations within bioinformatics/genomics. As such, this conference will bring SUNY faculty members and partners together within the fields of bioinformatics and genomics and provide them with an opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Poster Session

The purpose of the Poster Session is to facilitate interaction and discussions among all conference participants and attendees. We encourage all participants to participate in the poster session, including college faculty, high school teachers and their students, current college students, as well as community partners! The poster session will provide participants and attendees with an opportunity to interact with other students, faculty members, community partners, and teachers in their field of interest. We will also include small interactive demonstrations during this session that will provide participants with the opportunities to demonstrate curricular tools that they utilize within their courses.
Please consider participating in the Poster Session and becoming an integral part of the “Enhancing the STEM Pipeline through Bioinformatics and Genomics” Conference by submitting a Poster Abstract.


Networking by participants and attendees will be encouraged throughout the conference as well as post-conference. All participants and attendees will receive a conference directory listing the contact information of all participants and attendees. We will also facilitate post-conference networking and partnerships via the utilization of social media and other innovative communication methods.