Christian DiCanio stands in front of a white background wearing a blue shirt.

Dr. Christian DiCanio

Christian DiCanio (co-director)

Interests: phonetic data analysis, voice quality and tone, phonological analysis, linguistic fieldwork, corpus phonetics, indigenous languages of Mexico, Southeast Asian languages

Dr. Matthew Faytak

Matthew Faytak (co-director)

Interests: articulatory phonetics, acoustic phonetics, sound change, field methods, Grassfields Bantu, Sinitic languages

Matt Faytak stands in front of a presumably white background with pink lighting.

Graduate Students

Pegi Bakula

Deirdre Demson

Jamison García Ramírez

Interests: sociophonetics, sociocultural linguistics, language and identity, bilingualism, Caribbean Spanish

Sarah MacDougall

Interests: psycholinguistics, sociophonetics, historical sound change, tone languages and music, corpus methods, probability models, malaprops, West African languages

Mariana Quintana Godoy

Interests: phonology, prosody, morphophonemics, field methods, documentation, Mesoamerican languages

Jared Sharp

Interests: harmony systems and coarticulation, ultrasound tongue imaging, electromagnetic articulography (EMA), Tungusic (Manchu, Sibe), Oto-Manguean (Itunyoso Triqui), Grassfields (Kom)


Dr. Braden Brown

Postdoctoral Fellow – University of Missouri

Dr. Joëlle Carota – Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian, Nazareth College
Interests: bilingualism, contact linguistics, sociolinguistics, heritage language education, second language acquisition

Dr. Richard Hatcher

Postdoctoral Fellow – Hanyang University, South Korea

Dr. Jihye Seong

Visiting Assistant Professor of Korean – Vassar College

Dr. Miao Zhang

Interests: tone, vowel production, voicing, prosody