Current Research

The phonetics of vowel hiatus in Oaxacan Spanish
Team: Christian DiCanio, Jamison García Ramírez, and Colleen Balukas

Pitch imitation in speakers of tone languages
Team: Christian DiCanio
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Variation in the production of glottalization in Itunyoso Triqui – A corpus phonetic project
Team: Christian DiCanio, Richard Hatcher, and Lisa Davidson (NYU)

Functional pressures in the production of singleton and geminate consonants – A corpus phonetic project
Team: Christian DiCanio and Jared Sharp

Past Research

The cross-linguistic kinematics of information structure
Team: Christian DiCanio, Richard Hatcher, Jihye Seong, Miao Zhang, Braden Brown, Genevieve Franck, and Pegi Bakula
We examined the influence of information structural contrasts (broad, deaccentuated, narrow, and contrastive focus) on the production of labial, tongue tip, and facial gestures with Korean and English speakers. This work extended previous research by Mücke & Grice (2014) and examined additional languages and articulatory gestures using electromagnetic articulography.

Corpus phonetics in endangered languages
Team: Christian DiCanio and Richard Hatcher
We examined phonetic variation in several corpora of endangered languages and developed forced alignment software for automatic segmentation of the speech signal.

The interaction of tone and prosody in Itunyoso Triqui
Team: Christian DiCanio, Richard Hatcher, Basileo Martínez Cruz, and Wilberto Martínez Cruz

We examined the influence of information structure and prosodic boundaries on the phonetics of Itunyoso Triqui, an Otomanguean language spoken in Southern Mexico. The language has a complex set of tonal and laryngeal contrasts. A series of speech production experiments carried out in the field examined acoustic changes to tone, phonation type, and word structure which accompany different aspects of prosodic structure.