New Social Science Research Agenda for Pesticides Presented at “Silent Springs” Conference

On October 8th, Christian Berndt (University of Zurich) presented “Toxic afterlives: A new social science research agenda on the global pesticide complex” at the interdisciplinary “Silent Springs” workshop in Tutzing, Germany. The workshop was organized by the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, a joint initiative of LMU-München and Deutsches Museum. The research agenda emerged from the inaugural “Global Glyphosate” workshop and written jointly by Becky Mansfield (Ohio State University), Annie Shattuck (Indiana University), Marion Werner (SUNY Buffalo), and Christian, with contributions from numerous workshop participants. The agenda will contribute to furthering the establishment of, and collaborations among, the Pesticide Research Network, which emerged from the workshop. Christian received excellent feedback from workshop participants, many of them environmental historians. Christian was joined by Soledad Castro (ICTA-UAB), who presented her co-authored paper on the chemicalization of agriculture in Costa Rica. 

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