Second Successful Pesticide Research Network (PRN) Workshop

PRN hosted a second workshop on September 19th, this time featuring papers co-authored by faculty and PhD students. Twenty-one scholars based in six countries met virtually to discuss two papers. Andrés Caicedo (Environmental Studies UC-Berkeley) and Diana Ojeda (CIDER, Universidad de los Andes) shared a paper titled Pesticides, Plantations and Anti-Subversive tactics: Agro-military violence in Colombia. Brian Williams (Mississippi State University) and Johana Kunin (Escuela IDAES, Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina) offered commentaries. Aniket Aga (Ashoka University) and Chitrangada Choudhury shared a draft of their paper, Killing Agroecology: The coming of the cotton-glyphosate complex in an Indian highland frontier. The paper received comments from Annie Shattuck (Indiana-Bloomington) and Abhigya (Indian Institute of Technology). Many thanks to our authors for sharing their early works, to reviewers for their astute commentaries, and to participants for additional insights and vibrant conversation. We look forward to our next workshop in January 2023.  

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