Training and Education

NCOR is committed to developing and providing training and education in the proper development and deployment of ontology.

While it may be easy to obtain and even to use ontology-development tools, it is not easy to do ontology well. NCOR and its associated members and partners can offer training and guidance in the proper and effective development for a variety of projects in scientific research, government, and business.

Training Programs

Please contact NCOR to arrange for specialized training programs.

Tutorials and Courses listed on the NCOR Wiki

Online Training Videos

An Introduction to Ontology: From Aristotle to the Universal Core

An Introduction to Biomedical Ontology

From Basic Formal Ontology to the Information Artifact Ontology

How to Develop and Use OBO Foundry Ontologies, Tutorial and Workshop at ICBO, Graz, Austria, July 21, 2012

Basic Formal Ontology 2.0: Tutorial at ICBO/FOIS, Graz, Austria, July 25, 2012

Introduction to Protégé, Tutorial, Buffalo, NY, August 11-12, 2012

Basic Formal Ontology 2.0, Tutorial, Buffalo, NY, August 18-19, 2012

Tutorial: Information Ontologies for the Intelligence Community, [] STIDS Conference, November 11, 2013

Tutorial: Ontology of Military Planning and Operations Assessment, STIDS Conference, November 18, 2014

Tutorial: Basic Formal Ontology 2015, International Conference on Biomedical Ontology, Lisbon, 2015

Tutorial: Introduction to Ontology for Systems Engineers, Buffalo, NY, January 26, 2018.

Education Programs/Courses

Philosophy Program at the University at Buffalo with a Focus in Ontology

Master of Engineering in Data and Information Fusion at the Center for Multisource Information Fusion Education

External Resources

The National Center for Biomedical Ontology – Education Page