NCOR-affilated ontologists are involved in collaborative ventures with many leading national and international institutions. Many of these ontologists are centered at the University at Buffalo. They have received major funding for ontology-related projects from the NSF, NIH, US and Canadian defense agencies and defense industries, and from the European Union.

NCOR Senior Scientists

1. Located in Buffalo

Barry SmithBarry Smith

(Director of NCOR; Department of Philosophy, University at Buffalo)
Research in theoretical and applied ontology.

Shane Babcock

(Department of Philosophy, Niagara University) 
Traditional metaphysics and infectious disease ontology



Thomas BittnerThomas Bittner

(Department of Philosophy, University at Buffalo)
Formal and applied ontology, ontology of space, time and spatial entities, spatio-temporal reasoning, bio-medical ontology.


Werner CeustersWerner Ceusters

(Chief, Division of Biomedical Ontology, Department of Biomedical Informatics, University at Buffalo; Research Director, Institute for Health Informatics, University at Buffalo)
Referent Tracking for data management. See CV.


Alexander D. DiehlAlexander D. Diehl

(Department of Neurology, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University at Buffalo)
Gene Ontology, Cell Ontology, immunology ontologies, ontologies of neurology and neurological diseases.



Maureen DonnellyMaureen Donnelly

(Department of Philosophy, University at Buffalo)
Logic, formal foundations of ontology, mereology, biomedical ontology.


William Duncan

(Software Developer, Department of Environmental Genomics & Systems Biology, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory). Oral Health and Disease Ontology, Antibody Ontology, Environmental Ontology, and ontologies to support the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


Peter Elkin

Peter L. Elkin

(Professor and Chair, Department of Biomedical Informatics, University at Buffalo; Professor of Internal Medicine, University at Buffalo)




David HershenovDavid Hershenov

(Department of Philosophy, University at Buffalo)
Author of a series of important papers on ontological and ethical aspects of medicine, covering topics such as abortion, death, cloning, personal identity, and the definitions of health and sickness.


Mark Jensen

(Ontologist, CUBRC Inc.)

Development and implementation of ontologies for military and biomedical applications; mental health, psychiatry, and neurology.


Rajiv KishoreRajiv Kishore

(Management Science and Systems Department, University at Buffalo)
Research on computational ontology with applications in business information systems and other areas.



David Mark

(Department of Geography and National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA), University at Buffalo)
Research on multiple aspects of geographic information science, notably geospatial ontology and spatial cognition and language.



Eric Merrell

(Philosophy Department, University at Buffalo) 
Research interests: applied ontology, information representation, artificial intelligence





David Gordon Limbaugh

(Research Postdoc, Department of Philosophy, University at Buffalo)
Research in ontology, referent tracking, and enhanced object-based production with biomedical and intelligence community applications.


Rahul RaiRahul Rai

(Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, University at Buffalo)
Research on applied and computational ontology with applications in manufacturing, product design, and systems engineering.



Ram RameshRam Ramesh

(Chair of Management Science and Systems Department, University at Buffalo)
Research on computational ontology with applications in business information systems and other areas.


Ram RameshRyan Riccucci

(Research Associate, Department of Philosophy, University at Buffalo)
Applied Ontology, Human/Machine Teaming, Mission Engineering, and Data-Centric Object-Based Production


Ron RudnickiRon Rudnicki

(Senior Research Scientist, CUBRC, Inc.)
Applied ontology, semantic web technologies, and related areas for military intelligence.



JMPOAlexander P. Cox

(Senior Ontologist, CUBRC, Inc.)

Applied ontology and semantic web technologies for military intelligence and biomedical informatics, especially outer space and neurology.

Alan RuttenbergAlan Ruttenberg

(School of Dental Medicine, University at Buffalo)
Pathway knowledge representation, computational biology, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, rich user interface, parallel computing.


Dagobert SoergelDagobert Soergel

(Department of Library and Information Studies, University at Buffalo)
Ontologies and knowledge organization systems and integration with digital information spaces.


  Neil E. Williams

(Chair, Department of Philosophy, University at Buffalo)
Traditional metaphysics and the ontology of disease and dysfunction.




2. Located in Institutions Outside Buffalo

Mauricio B. AlmediaMauricio B. Almeida

(Information Science School, Federal University of Minas Gerais)
Research in knowledge representation, applied ontologies, information security, biomedical and legal vocabularies.



John Beverley

(Department of Philosophy, Northwestern University) 
Formal Ontology, Logic, Philosophy of Medicine, Bioethics



Jonathan P. Bona

(Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biomedical Informatics, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences)
Ontologies, semantic web, knowledge representation and reasoning, biomedical informatics.


Mathias BrochhausenMathias Brochhausen

(Department of Biomedical Informatics, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences)
Formal and applied ontology, biomedical ontologies, medical information management, ontology evaluation.


Lindsay CowellLindsay Cowell

(Department of Clinical Sciences, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)
Computational immunology and infectious disease ontology.



Brian Donohue

(Principal Ontologist, Capital One.)
Research Interests: Social and deontic ontology, finance, methodology, and semantic technology


FFrancescoFuriniPhotorancesco Furini

(Department of Mechanics, Milan Polytechnic, Italy)
Ontology and engineering design




Janna Hastings

(Ontologist at the Centre for Behaviour Change, University College London) 
Develops scientific ontologies to support research and evidence aggregation in physical and life sciences, including social and behavioral sciences



Yongqun (“Oliver”) He

(University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) 
Development of biomedical ontologies and their applications in literature mining, Bayesian network modeling, microbial genomics, and vaccine informatics



Amanda-HicksAmanda Hicks

(Assistant Professor, Health Outcomes & PolicyInstitute for Child Health Policy, University of Florida)




William HoganWilliam R. Hogan

(Director, Biomedical Informatics, Clinical and Translational Science Institute; Professor, Health Outcomes & Policy, University of Florida)
Biomedical ontology and Referent Tracking systems



Jobst Landgrebe

(Cognotekt, Cologne, Germany)
Founder and CEO of Cognotekt, GmBH, an AI company based in Cologne specialised in the design and implementation of holistic AI solutions.



Rasmus Rosenberg Larsen

Does Work on applied ontologies for mental health research and forensic science



Asiyah Yu Lin

(Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Food and Drug Administration, USA)
Ontology development, applied ontology for medical device surveillance, patient safety, and precision medicine




Eric Little

Innovation Principal Director, Life Sciences & Head of Product Strategy & Analytics (INTIENT) at Accenture
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Melbourne, Florida, United States







Tatiana Malyuta

(Department of Computer Systems Technology, CUNY College of Technology (NYCTC), New York, NY)
Research in data models, data design, database technologies, and ontology-based intelligence analysis



William MandrickWilliam Mandrick

(SAIC, Washington DC)
Military ontology, conflict processes, counterinsurgency operations, and command and control



Fabian Neuhaus

(Institute of Knowledge and Language Engineering, University of Magdeburg, Germany)
Common logic, reasoning with complex ontologies, and ontology modularity


Mitsu Okada

(Department of Philosophy, Keio University)
Logic (proof theory), theoretical computer science, and theoretical linguistics


J. Neil Otte

(Applied Physics Lab, Johns Hopkins University)
Research in evidence ontologies for the social sciences, experimental methods, ethics, moral psychology, and experimental philosophy



Pierre GrenonPierre Grenon

(Private sector)
Formal ontology, domain and knowledge representation grounded in data and information management.


James Overton

Scientific database integration, ontology development, software development, philosophy of science



Selja SeppalaSelja Seppälä

(Senior Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Governance, Risk, and Compliance Technology Center (GRCTC), University College Cork, Ireland)
Terminology research, logic of definitions, Basic Formal Ontology.


Jonathan Simon

(Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Montréal)
AI explainability and transparency, ontology of socially complex domains.



Lowell VizenorLowell Vizenor

(Chief Technology Officer, Securboration, Washington D.C.)
Ontologies, semantic technology.


Fernanda Farinelli

(Information Science School, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil; Visiting researcher at Department of  Philosophy and Department of Biomedical Informatics, University at Buffalo)
Data management, data governance, and ontologies.


JMPOJosé M Parente de Oliveira

(Computer Science Department, Aeronautics Institute of Technology, Brazil)

Research on Knowledge Representation, Ontology Engineering, Semantic Computing, Semantic Web, Linked Data/Big Data, Command and Control/Situation Awareness.


Christian WillChristian Will

(NCOR Research Scientist, Las Vegas)
Subject Matter Expert and Ontologist in Manufacturing and Supply Chains.


s200_hedi.levitchMohamed Hedi Karray

(INP-ENIT, Federal University of Toulouse, France)
Ontology – based engineering, modular ontologies, semantic interoperability