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Our Motivation

“She understands speech very well with her cochlear implants, but listening is still a lot of work.”

“I crash at the end of each workday.  Listening all day takes it out of me.”

“Noisy situations are really difficult for me.”

Comments like these from audiology patients and their families have inspired the work in the Listening Experience Lab. 

We are motivated to understand and improve the overall listening experience of individuals with hearing loss.  Speech understanding performance is an important metric of audiologic outcomes, but we are also interested in the effort exerted to obtain that performance.  By understanding both of these aspects of the act of listening, we will drive recommendations for treatment of hearing loss such that both performance and effort are optimized.

We use behavioral responses and pupillometry to examine listening performance and effort in adults with hearing loss and adults with normal hearing. We are interested in how factors like spatial hearing, hearing technology, and age impact the listening experience.

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