Nwumba Stevine

Nwumba Stevine is a 22 year old who loves travelling and reading. Currently she is a part time teacher in an elementary school and a second year master student at the University of Yaounde 1, Ngoa-Ekelle. Her love for observation is what attracted her to sociolinguistics and her intention is not only to research and obtain an MA and PhD but also to be able to help identify and solve language problems in our society and hopefully in the course of doing this she will present the most innovative writing in this field.

Family Language Policy: the case of the Mundabli IDPs in Douala-Bassa
She chose this research topic because of the different observations that she made back then in Douala-Babenga¬_Bassa, neighbourhoods in Douala mostly occupied by Mundabli IDPs. Her intention is to study how these, mostly multilingual IDPs, manage and use language in their various homes. She wishes to prove or disprove her intuition that these IDPs, although far from home, are attempting to save their language through its use in their homes. She was also moved to work on this particular topic thanks to the advice of her teachers of KPAAM-CAM IDP who remarked that there is not much work on Family Language Policy. She wants to be amongst those who worked on the innovation and the development of this particular section of language policy.

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