The UB Geology Department is always working to develop and maintain a presence in the Western NY community through our outreach activities. We have an excellent geology program, and spreading awareness about geology and the opportunities available in our department are essential to attracting students. Sue Bratcher (bratcher@buffalo.edu) is in charge of coordinating outreach for the department, so keep an eye out for her emails – and let her know if you have any ideas!

Here are a few examples of activities that UB Geology grads have participated in:

Penn Dixie WNY Earth Science Day

The Penn Dixie Paleontological and Outdoor Education Center in Blasdell, NY holds an annual Earth Science Day to indroduce the public to local scientists, and give the scientists a chance to demonstrate the importance of their work and of Earth science to society. The UB Geology grads (and undergrads) run a demonstration table with fun activities, rock and fossil samples, and information about the Geology Department.


School visits

The Geology Department gets lots of requests from local K-12 schools to have a geologist come talk to them. Geology is a required subject in New York’s science curriculum, and UB’s geologists are a great resource for local students! In addition, there are a number of local colleges and community colleges where we recruit for our graduate program. Having a grad make a visit is a great way to connect with students who might be thinking of applying to UB.


GSA Annual Meeting Grad School Information Forum

The Geological Society of America provides space for graduate school representatives to meet with prospective students and promote their schools. Each year, UB sets up a table where professors and grad students get a chance to recruit our next generation of grads. If you’re interested in participating at the next GSA, contact Dr. Tracy Gregg, our GSA representative (tgregg@buffalo.edu).