Eun-Hye Enki Yoo


I am a geographer with a special training in GIScience. My research interests include spatial scale issues and error/uncertainty in geographic data, as well as their effects on statistical analyses and computational modeling. My past research has examined these issues in relation to diverse topics, including population density, air pollution, extreme temperature, greenspace, and human dynamic. My current research projects focus on fine scale environmental exposure modeling, geospatial health effect assessments, and human activity analysis. I collaborate with colleagues from a variety of disciplines.

updated CV can be found HERE.

Youngseob Eum

Ph.D. Student

My research interests are in the fields of GIScience, environmental science, machine learning, and health geography. My current research focuses on the societal and environmental effects on respiratory health, human mobility and its relationship with influenza, and ambient air pollution prediction/human exposure estimation. See my CV HERE

Qiang Pu

Ph.D. Student

My research interests mainly lie within GIScience and Environmental modeling using GIS and geostatistic methods. I am currently working on spatial-temporal estimations of PM2.5 concentrations at fine scales. I am also interested in furthering my study to health impact assessment of ambient PM2.5. See my CV HERE.

Hang Tian

M.S. Student

I’m excited to join GeoEH lab in Fall 2021. I studied human geography as my undergraduate. I look forward to digging into the relationship between the environment and human health from a geographic perspective. In my spare time, I love singing in chorus as well as taking adventures into the wilderness.

Past Members:

Xiangyu Jiang (Graduated)

Ph.D. (2020)

My research interests have focused on modeling ground-level air pollution concentrations in space and time through statistical models and atmospheric chemistry models. During my Ph.D. studies, I worked on three main topics of air quality modeling: 1) quantifying the uncertainties in air pollution predictions, 2) assessing health impacts attributable to poor air quality, and 3) modeling wildland fire-related atmospheric pollutants. Please find my CV HERE.

Wei Wang (M.S.)

Youdi Shi (M.S.)