Congrats, Xiangyu! Barry Fallon Memorial International Student Assistance Award.

Congratulations to GEOEH member – Xiangyu Jiang (Ph.D. Candidate) who was awarded the Barry Fallon Memorial International Student Assistance Award.

The award was made possible under the generous donation of the estate of Barry Fallon, UB, doctorate of Psychology, 1974, who returned to his native Australia to become an eminent teacher and researcher and president of the Australian Psychological Society (1994 – 1996). This award is used to support International Students. This award represents a singular recognition by the department of geography and the College of Arts and Science.

Joint research finding reported by The Washington Post

New publication on Current Biology: A vast 4,000-year-old spatial pattern of termite mounds. This study explored the large-scale self-organization of a vast array of soil mounds constructed by termites (Syntermes dirus) that has persisted for up to 4000 years and covers an estimated 230,000 km² of seasonally dry tropical forest in a relatively undisturbed and climatically stable region of Northeast Brazil. 

    This work received immediate attention from both science fields and mass media once published. The Washington Post reported this work on science section and Dr. Yoo, one of the corresponding author of the study, was interviewed to disscuss the scientific findings. News coverage is entitled: “This ‘wonder of the Earth’ is the size of Minnesota and built by bugs” and is reported by Ben Guarino, a science reporter.

  • A video abstract can be found at Youtube.

Conference presentation – 2018 CMAS Conference, Xiangyu

GeoEH member Xiangyu Jiang (Ph.D. candidate) is selected for oral presentation at  2018 CMAS. Her presentation is entitled: “Modeling PM2.5 concentrations from wildland fires for health impact assessments”.
Session: Modeling to Support Exposure and Health Studies and Community-scale Applications.
Time & Location: 9:10AM Oct.24, 2018 at Grumman Auditorium, UNC.