Undergraduate Students

Jonathan Bessette

Jon is an undergraduate student studying Mechanical Engineering and Studio Art.  His research interests include heuristic product design optimization and adaptive technologies.  Jon is currently working on the back end of the Cyber-Empathic Design project, funded by the National Science Foundation.  In the past, Jon has worked in a biochemistry laboratory at Binghamton University as well as in the Emergency Department of Buffalo General Hospital.  Outside of academia, Jon enjoys hiking and soccer.

Chi Nnoka

Chi is an undergraduate student studying Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. His research interests include mechanical design and aerospace propulsion, space exploration and development, and bio-inspired engineering. Chi is currently working on the design of a computer model for resource prediction in metal additive manufacturing processes. Past projects of his include work with snake-inspired robots at Georgia Tech as well as a space debris mitigation project at the University at Buffalo. Outside of academics, Chi relishes reading and watching media like movies and cartoons.

Chi Profile Picture