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Dec. 2019

CAVAS Awarded $790,000 for CAVE !

University at Buffalo has been awarded a total of $790,000 from NYS Empire State Development and NYSERSA to construct the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Enclosure (CAVE) to facilitate ground-breaking research and advance education in the areas of autonomous vehicles (terrestrial and aerial), clean energy, and green building management. The project elements include an enclosure designed to house UB’s growing fleet of autonomous research vehicles, an array of clean energy technologies, and additional instrumentation to support and enhance UB’s existing C/AV test areas.

Sept. 2019

Latest autonomous vehicle unveiled

” UB can help fill a gap ” | Read More

” The car joins UB’s Olli bus ” | Read More

Local News – WIVB | Article

Aug. 2019

olli shuttle

Olli Shuttle demonstration

“UB shows off its driverless shuttle bus Olli during a forum on driverless vehicles at UB South Campus” | Full Article

Apr. 2019

Senator Tim Kennedy Visits UB

“Senator Tim Kennedy visited the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences on April 17th to discuss autonomous vehicle research” | Photos

NSF Director France Cordova visits UB and CAVAS

“New NSF program aims to speed discovery, research results” | Full Article

5th Annual Symposium on Transportation Informatics

Transportation and big data professionals from academia | Full Article

Jun. 2017

WIVB news

“Self driving car tested at the University at Buffalo” – WIVB news | Full Article

Spectrum news

“UB at Forefront of Driverless Vehicle Technology” – Spectrum news | Full Article

Jun.2017: News titled “Driverless car demo a highlight of transportation conference in Buffalo” published on UBNow news website. Click to check details.

Jun.2017: iCAVE2 poster at the 2017 Annual Summer Meeting of the Council of the University Transportation Centers (CUTC)! Click to check details.

Mar.2017: The Transportation Informatics Tier I University Transportation Center (TransInfo) is excited to host the 2017 Annual Summer Meeting of the Council of the University Transportation Centers (CUTC)! Click to check details.

Jan.2017: Article titled “University at Buffalo researchers to study self-driving cars” published on WIVB news website. Click to check the full article.

Dec.2016: Article titled “UB awarded $1.2 million for self-driving car research” published on UB Institute for Sustainable Transportation and Logistic website. Click to check the full article.