The Manage-A-Bull Podcast: The MBA Mentorship Program

Host: Anders T. Rosen
Roundtable Guests: Kelechi Chillis-Ihenko, Megen Rose Rependa, Michael Ryman

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The Spring 2021 season of Manage-A-Bull opens with a discussion between host Anders T. Rosen and three of his second-year MBA classmates who were part of a very important aspect of the MBA degree: The Mentorship Program. Alumni and current students of UB will likely agree that the first semester is a whirlwind. There’s more work to be done than any individual can accomplish alone. That’s why teams and team-building are such an integral part of the learning process.

Mentors are there to provide guidance to those teams as the first-year MBA students work through the team-building process and UB’s Corporate Champions program. On the latest episode of Manage-A-Bull Anders speaks with three classmates: Kelechi Chillis-Ihenko, Megen Rose Rependa and Michael Ryman about their experiences as mentors. They talk about their mentorship styles, the advice they would give to future mentors and the people who helped them out along the way. There might even be a pop culture reference to Cobra Kai. You’ll just have to listen further to find out!

Meet the guests
Kelechi Chillis-Ihenko
Kelechi is a 3+2 MBA with a concentration in marketing. He was born and raised in Buffalo and is interested in online business.

Megen Rose Rependa
Megen has her bachelors in Philosophy from University of Toronto and is concentrating in marketing and consulting at UB. She is the current Vice President of the UB consulting group. When not working on completing her masters, Megen spends her time riding horses, writing comics and studying to become a certified yoga instructor.

Michael Ryman
Mike is a UB undergrad alumni here as a 2nd year MBA candidate finishing up his last semester in the joint JD/MBA program this Spring.

Listen to the podcast: Apple / Google / Stitcher

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