The ALEVRIADOU VASCULAR MECHANOBIOLOGY LABORATORY (AVML) is committed to responsibly conducting research on vascular cell responses to changes in the cell’s mechanochemical environment and on the contribution of these responses to cardiovascular disease initiation and progression.

The AVML goal is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms that lead to vascular endothelial cell dysfunction, a key factor (and potential target for prevention and treatment) of cardiovascular diseases/conditions, such as atherosclerosis/coronary artery disease, cardiac ischemia/reperfusion injury, hypertension, heart failure, diabetes, etc.

The AVML areas of expertise include in vitro cellular systems to reproduce the mechanical/hemodynamic environment in vascular health and disease, fluorescence microscopy and biochemical assays to assess intracellular signaling (emphasis on mitochondrial function, calcium, and reactive oxygen species), gene expression, protein synthesis, and cell survival.

The AVML is directed by B. Rita Alevriadou, PhD, SUNY Empire Innovation Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University at Buffalo – The State University of New York.

The AVML gratefully acknowledges the funding sources that currently support and/or have supported our research efforts.

Alevriadou Vascular Mechanobiology Laboratory 
University at Buffalo – SUNY
Department of Biomedical Engineering
208F Bonner Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260-1900
Phone: (716) 645-8499; (716) 645-0154