What I Learned About Myself in the First Semester of the UB MBA Program

Written by: Fahmida Fija, MBA ’25

The UB MBA program, with a strong emphasis on real-world applications and practical learning methods, has brought a unique blend of challenges and fascination for me. Having completed just one semester, I can confidently say that it has reshaped my problem-solving approach and introduced a new perspective on finding solutions.

Across the spectrum of seven diverse courses I explored new topics and, at the same time, discovered innovative applications for existing concepts. I found myself pushed to excel in certain coursework, and the result was immensely rewarding. Each project became an opportunity to gain new knowledge.

A standout challenge in the initial phase of the semester is Corporate Champions, a seven-week case study project regarding a real business scenario. This group project with multiple deliverables demanded considerable effort and hard work, culminating in a comprehensive report outlining identified problems and proposed solutions. Due to the practical rigor of the project, I believe every member of my cohort gained some new expertise from this experience.

Throughout the semester, all seven courses provided unique learning opportunities. In the latter half, my team and I worked on two challenging case studies as part of the Financial Analysis for Managers course. These intricate problems regarding mergers, acquisitions, and IPOs expanded my understanding in ways I hadn’t anticipated.

The enriching class materials and lectures went beyond theoretical concepts and emphasized practical skill development. Having held a leadership role prior to the MBA program, it was enlightening to realize that my managerial style and decision-making processes could be categorized and named. The Marketing for Managers course further broadened my perspective, introducing new marketing techniques and offering valuable practical experience through simulations.

The prospect of applying the knowledge gained from the MBA to my job upon completion of the degree is an exciting and motivating aspect for me.

As everyone knows, an MBA program requires hard work. Completing the first semester with multiple deliverables and challenges, I helped everyone adjust to the fast-paced nature of the program and maintain a routine. However, the best part is the helpful nature of the professors and cohort. Everyone is genuinely willing to help, which is surprising.

In summary, my journey so far has been positive, and I am enthusiastic about the remaining semesters.

Fahmida Fija, MBA '25

Bio: Fahmida was born and raised in Bangladesh. She completed her bachelor’s degree in business administration with concentrations in Accounting and Finance and Marketing. Since her undergraduate years, she has been determined to pursue a career in marketing. After completing her degree, Fahmida started her career in the marketing department of a consulting firm in Bangladesh. She worked in the field for six years, during which she had led the overall marketing operations and marketing team for the company. She joined UB for an MBA to propel herself to the next level, professionally and personally.

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