A Return on Investment with the UB JD/MBA

Written by Sarah Jiva, JD/MBA –

After completing four years of undergraduate studies at the University at Buffalo, I decided to stay for yet another four years in the JD/MBA program through the School of Law and School of Management. Being a big fan of all things UB and Buffalo, it is no surprise to those who know me that I decided to stay here and choose a dual degree program. Here are several personal reasons why I chose to take this path:   

Reputation of both schools. The UB School of Management, UB School of Law, and the University at Buffalo as a whole are highly respected names, not just in the Buffalo area, but across the globe. Our extensive alumni network brings the positive reputation of UB’s schools to locations all across the world. Pair UB’s reputation with its economic value, and it is a wise investment that will undoubtedly provide a significant return in the future. 

Buffalo’s prominent business and law scene. Buffalo continues to emerge as a strong force in business and innovation. There is a strong variety of organizations, from global corporations to startups, located in the community surrounding UB. By attending UB, I have access to so many opportunities with these companies and my network that I have built here has access to these organizations as well. 

Familiarity yet new opportunities everywhere. I consider UB my home. The people, buildings, and resources allow me to feel comfortable here, providing me with the confidence to perform to the best of my ability. My cohort is large enough so that I can become connected to people from all over the world with all different backgrounds, but it is also small enough so that I can find “my people” and feel right at home. 

Best of both worlds. Enrolling in the dual degree program was the best way to combine my interest in both fields. By working towards both degrees at the same time, I have access to more resources and potential connections and opportunities than ever before. I am also able to maximize my learning and engagement by applying what I learn in the business classroom/world to the law classroom/world and vice versa. Some offerings that drew me into the programs include MBA LeaderCORE, MBA Corporate Champions, School of Law Intellectual Property and Privacy Law curricular program, NYC Finance and Law Program, and School of Law Entrepreneurship Law Center Clinic. 

Desire to be asset to Buffalo business community. Ultimately, one of my main goals is to be an asset to Buffalo business and be a leader in the community that I have grown to love so much throughout my life. By earning my JD/MBA through UB, I have the opportunity to make an impact both inside and outside of the classroom, and I am becoming equipped with the skills and mindset to make a positive and profound impact in the real world. 

The people. Buffalo is referred to as “the city of good neighbors,” and by that same token, I would coin UB as “the campus of good neighbors” in terms of both students and faculty and staff. Both the MBA and JD programs are challenging and time consuming, but the relationships bridged between classmates and professors motivate me to persist and keep growing.  

Invest in myself. I view the dual degree programs offered within the School of Management as a great way to invest in myself and enhance my competitive advantage. Education, constant learning, and development have always been high priorities in my life. I believe that the JD/MBA program will transform me into the leader and professional that I have always aspired to become.  

While I am just at the beginning of my JD/MBA journey, I am confident that I made the right choice to join the dual degree program. I learn so much every day from the classroom and my classmates, and I cannot wait to continue pushing myself out of my comfort zone to become a strong candidate and well-equipped business and law professional.  

BIO – Sarah was born in Williamsville, New York and grew up near the University at Buffalo North Campus. She is a fan of all things Buffalo, especially the Bills and local shops and restaurants. She graduated from UB in May 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with concentrations in marketing and data analytics and a minor in law. As a part of her undergraduate experience, she completed a year long Commercial Planning and Analytics internship at M&T Bank where she worked on internal communications for the Commercial Bank as well as client outreach initiatives. Sarah is currently enrolled in the School of Management and School of Law’s collaborative dual degree JD/MBA program. She looks forward to expanding her business and legal knowledge both inside and outside of the classroom. So far, her favorite part of the MBA program is the people! Whether it be interacting with members of her cohort, engaging with her professors, or exchanging ideas with her team, Sarah learns something new from her MBA network every day! 

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